the worst bet of my life or is it?

Mallory makes a bet with Harry and she has to hand out with him for a month and meet all of his friends when she meets Liam she has butterflies with she show him her feelings of not?


4. pain

I heard voices saying i am sorry i swear i didn't mean to make you cry.I got up locked the door and found out it was the bathroom.I heard banging at the door i just sat there and stared in till my eyes landed on a razor just a plain razor sitting there.

I grabbed it and put it to my old scare i pulled the cold piece of mantel  across my skin i squeezed my eyes for a second then i saw the razor i threw it under the dirty clothes and waited a few minutes and cleaned up my mess.Then i put over my sleeve and opened the door.

I am sorry Harry said It is Okay i said walking off oh and do you need anything?i asked Um nope but you could get in the car and meet the lads with me.I walked in the car not caring of how i look.I just stared down at my phone.I was looking through my pictures.One of them was of me and dad.

I just smiled to myself.We are here!Harry said hopping out of the car.I hopped out and put that photo as my cover.I looked up and Harry knocked.A cute brown Hair guy answered it.Hey Harry he said.Uh hi he said waving in my face.Oh hi i said and blushed.

My name is Liam yours?He asked me.Oh well it is Mallory i said smiling.Come in i walked in there was a blonde sitting down.Oh Harry who is this he asked. Niall shut up Harry said smacking him in the back of the head.I went and sat in the corner.You can sit right over here. Liam said patting a seat next to him.

I nodded no.I just sat there looking at that photo of me and my dad.I smiled remembering the times when he did not stress so horribly.I then thought about Liam he was so cute and His big Brown eyes i just melted.I guess i was staring at Liam.Hey Mallory What ya thinking about Harry waved in my face nothing i said and got up.

I am going out to get some fresh air.I said walking out to the porch.I sat there till  some one taped me on the shoulder.I looked around it was Liam.Oh Hi said. Hey what wrong you seem sad.he said.Nothing i said and was getting ready to  walk away but he grabbed my wrist.

OW I yelped. Sorry i didn't mean to hurt you he said and pulled me into a hug then he pulled my sweater up and looked at it.I pulled my hand away and ran in a corner and cried.Why did you do that? He asked me.I got mad i did not know another way Okay? i said He came over and hugged me.

You are beautiful don't do that to yourself.He said.Thank you Liam i said smiling up at him.Your welcome here's my number he said and gave it to me.I will text you i swear i said hugging him i just felt so safe.OOkay not if i do it first he said i let go and gave him mine i laughed and Harry came out.

Luckily i pulled away before he could see.Hey Mallory it is time to go Harry said Holding my arm Ow that hurt ya know?I asked and yelled at him.He just let go and i got in the car.So did he.I got on my phone and i got a text message form Liam

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