the worst bet of my life or is it?

Mallory makes a bet with Harry and she has to hand out with him for a month and meet all of his friends when she meets Liam she has butterflies with she show him her feelings of not?


6. Girlfriend?

As i got dressed Harry woke up and just walked out.I looked down at my scars wow ruined my life you already did i said as i giggled.What is so funny?Harry asked.Nothing i said.Hey we are going to see Liam and his girlfriend.

Girlfriend?I asked sadly Yeah something wrong?He asked.No i am okay.He came up and hugged me i just hugged him back and i just felt the urged to cry on his shoulder.He rubbed my back.I started laughing.Harry pulled away and looked at me like i was metal.

Sorry it is just why am i crying when i am not dating him.i said wiping the tears.He kissed my forehead.He doesn't even now how pretty you are Harry said rubbing my back.I just smiled.Lets get you clean up love.

I nodded and went and took a shower.Harry blew dried my Hair.I did my make up.We went to Liam's house.Harry and i walked in and his girlfriend was beautiful.Harry and his girlfriend with Liam talked while i was sitting there on my phone.

Hey can i talk to you Liam asked me.Sure said rudely.I got up and followed him to his room.What is wrong Mallory?Look Liam i do not want to talk about it okay it is just never mind okay can i go?I asked.

Before i walked out Liam grabbed my arm.You know you can tell me anything right?He asked me and looked hurt.Yeah i said and walked down the stairs.and when i got down Liam still looked hurt.I felt bad but i thought he had feelings for me but no!


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