the worst bet of my life or is it?

Mallory makes a bet with Harry and she has to hand out with him for a month and meet all of his friends when she meets Liam she has butterflies with she show him her feelings of not?


2. Getting ready.

(oh yeah i kinda scare everybody but the populars) I drove home i hated losing my parents at 14 now i live alone and my brother in LA pays the bills.I got a suit case and stuffed it with anything.I looked at my self in the mirror(i look like the girl on the cover)

I put in all my earrings this is what they look like,

 I just like these earrings.All i had on was shorts and a ripped up belly shirt.I walked down stairs and got a beer out.I know i am only 17.I kept drinking it in till i heard a knock at my door.I opened was Harry.

Fuck i mumbled.He just looked at me up and down.I have a face ya know?I Said getting angry.I grabbed mt suit case and walked out in the car.I threw myself in there.Harry hopped in and smirked me.I wanted to smack him but i knew i could not.He put his hand on my thigh and rubbed up and down 

i moved a bit over.Why did ya do that?he asked

i have shorts on and your not dating and touching my thigh i said trying to knock some sense into him.

Hey but when i get to my house you have to do whatever he said with that smirk that made me want to kill him.

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