the worst bet of my life or is it?

Mallory makes a bet with Harry and she has to hand out with him for a month and meet all of his friends when she meets Liam she has butterflies with she show him her feelings of not?


5. Being firends

From:Liam To:Mallory

I told you that i would message you first. :)

To:My crush(Luckily he can't see what i call him)

Hey i could not get to my phone fast enough >:( Lol so what is up?

From: Liam To Mallory

Nothing much you? :)

To:my crush 


From Liam

Hey can i hang with you soon?

To my crush

Sure :) :) :) bye bye

From Liam 


Who ya texting?Harry asked.Liam i said Oh okay he said with anger in his eyes.When we were here i hopped out and went inside.Harry came close to me Uh Harry what are you doing?I asked afraid.He trapped me in a corner.Shh  He kissed me i didn't kiss him back he got more hard.

I tried to get of but his grip was to hard.he pulled off his shirt.I did not.He did it to me HARRY STOP! i yelled No he said through gritted teeth i can do what ever remember?He asked with an evil smirk. He pulled down his pants.Harry please i begged.

Nope i want it.He said Well i don't i don't like you you ruined my life so now you wanna have sex with me?I sat there and cried.Mallory don't tell anyone if you do i really will ruin your life he said and walked away.I got my clothes on and ran in the bathroom.

I took a bath.Harry walked i wanna clean you he said coming near me.I just nodded.He grabbed a cloth and wiped it on me then went to my hair and cleaned it.Oh almost forgot your arms i was worried.He went to my wrist and looked down.WHAT DID YOU DO? he shouted.I just sat there and cried.

Why he said in a calmer voice.I don't know MAYBE BECAUSE OF ALL THE FUCKING SHIT YOU DO TO ME.i shouted.He had tears in his eyes and ran.I just sat in there and fell asleep.I woke up the next morning in a towel and on Harry's bed.I got and got dressed


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