the worst bet of my life or is it?

Mallory makes a bet with Harry and she has to hand out with him for a month and meet all of his friends when she meets Liam she has butterflies with she show him her feelings of not?


3. At his house

We got to his house.I hopped out with my suit case.I walked to his door and just walked in.I dropped my suit case in his room i know where his room is because i have been here before.Hey you have to wear this at my house when ever i am home.I looked at the dress.It was small and black.

Do i wear any thing under?Nope only these thongs and longs socks with those heels.He pointed at my thick black ones.And randomly pulled out thongs.I pulled the stuff out of his hand and went to the bathroom to put it on.Hey wait where ya going?He asked.

To change i said awkwardly 

No you are going to change in front of me.He said pointing in front of him.I mocked him while walking over there.Don't mocked me or there will be serious punishment he said and smack me butt.I striped out of my clothes and but on the little dress and heels and stuff.

Hot! he said Can you go get me a cup of tea?he asked like i had a choosing.Whatever i siad walking off.I made the tea and brought it to him.Mm sweet just like i bet you will taste,He said smirking.

You have already took my virginity and left me i am and your not getting that chance to sleep with me again i shouted running in a random room and feel on the ground crying . 

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