No Happy Days

Elisa was always picked on by the boy that she happens to have feelings for. Harry was his name, he was tall and handsome, but a total douche. She acts as if she hates his guts, which isn't all the way a lie, but deep, deep inside she has feelings for that son of a bitch.


1. Chapter 1

Her smile is beautiful and real. She's happy for once, that stupid frown that was permanently on her lips has now left. It took a vacation. But then he walks in. The room becoming silent and her beautiful smile is now slowly leaving those lips of hers. A few boys greet him by doing some stupid handshake that they made up in middle school. Only they knew it, of course, being the ones that created it. The girl turns to him and her eyes squint, as if giving him a glare. He does the same back, but looks away after a few seconds, unlike the girl. She keeps looking at him, this time without a glare.

"Elisa?" one of her friends says, snapping her back to the world. She looks at her friend and smiles weakly, the smile not as real as before. This time that beautiful smile has left for vacation and that horrible, horrible frown has come back. The boy was the frown, or what caused it. It was like, when he walks into the room, all the positive energy scurries away as all of the negative flies in. Pretty scientific and geeky, but it's just a way of saying it. He was like a virus, that goes away after he leaves. You're miserable when he's there and happy when he's not.

But something about him made that girl's heart beat faster than normal. She believes it's because he's hot but every one of her friends knows it's because she has feelings for him. Deep, deep down inside, pass all of the hatred, is love. This boy has an effect on her that no one else gives her, and she wants it to stop. Who would want to be in love with the boy that makes you feel miserable all the damn time?

"Okay, so let's do this," one of her friends say as she grabs the purple pen beside Elisa. She starts sketching a design and looks at all of her friends to see if they like the idea. The poster they were working on was already written on enough, so Elisa was kind of skeptical about adding more, but her lips stayed shut and her head nods to say yes. Her friend begins drawing the design on the poster board and smiles happily as she stares at if after she is finished.

Footsteps were heard all over the room, same with yelling and laughing. This class was one of those classes that the teacher does absolutely nothing and just tells the kids to do their homework for classes. Kind of like a free period, but you're stuck in a classroom with people you either know and like or don't know at all.

There was, however, louder footsteps coming toward Elisa's direction. She feels a presence behind her and lets out a sigh. Her head turns around, along with her whole body, to look at the person that was behind her. It's him. That boy. What does he want?, the little voice in her head asks.

"Styles," she says, nodding her head upward.

"Collins," he says back, doing the same. "Looking ugly as always."

"I could say the same to you," she says back, a faint smile on her lips. "But I'm not rude like you." She turns back around in her seat and that faint smile leaves her lips. Her friends notice this, but do and say nothing, knowing if they did, the boy would say something to them as well.

He rolls his eyes. "C'mon, Collins," he says. Before he says anything else, he gets pulled away from her by some of his friends. They laugh and look at her. He's probably telling them something that's not true, since he's done that plenty of times before. Telling the whole damn school that she had sex with Ted Burns, the weird kid in school, was one of them. It wasn't true of course. No one ever touched Ted, so why would that even make sense to tell such a lie like that? After that incident, Ted kept rubbing up against her and telling her it can really happen. That happened for a month.


She pushes all of the books into her locker and sighs, grabbing another book out. Geography. One of her worst subjects. She never got into learning where all of the countries in Europe are, she only needs to know where she lives and where the mall is. It doesn't matter where Ashford is for her. It's a town that she will never visit, and it won't matter if she knows where it is.

When she turns around, she gets startled by the boy again. His hot breath trickles down to her face and it makes her shiver. "Get out of my way, Harry," she says to him coldly, looking up at him with that same glare that she gave him earlier.

"Oh, so you're calling me by my actual name now, huh?" he asks, a smirk forming on his lips. Those, oh, so perfect lips of his. His lips were just slightly plump and they just look, kissable. They're probably soft as well. I mean, his lips look like he puts on Baby Lips everyday. They're just so soft looking, and pink. Elisa snaps out of her daydream and realizes that she's staring at her enemy's lips and fantasying about kissing them. That's not what she's suppose to do.

She nods. "Yeah, I am. Is there a problem with that?" she asks him. That smirk of his left his lips. He huffs softly and shakes his head, placing both of his arms beside of her, trapping her against the lockers. Elisa takes a step back and looks up at him, her eyes widening. "Get away, Harry, please."

The smirk returns. "And why should I?" he asks, moving closer to her.

"You make me uncomfortable," she tells him coldly. It wasn't what he was hoping for, but, hey, telling the truth is better than telling a stupid lie that's slightly true. She pushes her hand against his chest and finally pushes him away, walking away shortly after.

She doesn't realize this, but he stares at her as she walks away, studying the way that her hips sway when she walks. Watching the way her hair flips around whenever she takes a step. The way she clutches her books just incase someone might bump into her or take them for some reason. He liked watching her, studying her every move, because every time he does, he finds the little things that he now finds adorable about her. Just because he likes to make fun of her and 'torture' her, it doesn't mean he has no feelings for her at all.


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