Unexpected love

Andrea and Harry styles use to work in a bakery together. Then Harry tried out for X factor and made it big with 4 other guys. Harry comes back to visit with his bandmastes one of them meets Andrea and their life changes.


2. chapter 2

Andrea pov

"Andrea Andrea come over here Harry is here!" I heard Barbra say.

Of course I am excited to see Harry, he was my only friend for years.

I ran over to where they were standing.

"Harry!" I scream.

"Andrea! I've missed you so much.!" Harry said with a big smile.

"I know I've missed you too Harry." I say giving him another hug.

After an hour of talking and catching up harry asked me if I wanted to hang out with him and his friends tonight.

"I would love to Harry." I saw with a smile.

When I said that I heard the bells ring at the door knowing it was my turn to get it.

It was a blonde boy with beautiful blue eyes.

" how can I help you?" I ask sweetly as possible.

"I'm looking for Harry styles." He says in his thick Irish accent.

"And who you might be?" I ask knowing it might could be a fan.

"Niall horan and who might you be princess?" He asks.

"My name is Andrea.. Let me go get Harry for you." I ran to the back where I was previously sitting with Harry and told him some Niall person was here to see him.

"Oh he's on of my band members!" Harry says.

"Ahhh that explains it." I say.

"Come meet him Andrea!" He says pulling my arm to the front register.

"Hey Niall this is Andrea she's one of my old best friends!"

" I know we've meet she's a very pretty girl." Niall says which makes me blush a little bit.

"Well she's coming over tonight to hang out with us. But for now I must go to the studio! I'll text you the address later love."

"Okay bye guys." I saw with a smile.

I'm pretty excited for tonight

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