Harry Potter's Twin

Hailey McDonald or is suppose to be Potter. Was a some what normal 11 year old. Even though she knew she was a wizard. She had a secret that only her, Dumbledore and her adoptive parents knew. She was the secret twin of the famous Harry Potter. And going to Hogwarts is the place she'll be able to met Harry and tell him she's her twin. But the only problem is will Harry listen or will he ignore her.


9. Chapter 8

Ughh Monday I hate Monday. Well the this morning wasn't so bad. I thought it was going to be worse than it was. When I got up I quickly got dressed and then went down to the common room to wait for everyone. I was sitting in the common room just thinking. I was sitting on the couch and then I got a sharp pain coming from my scar. Then that night started to play. It was the weirdest thing ever. When it was playing usually I can't hear sound but all I could here was my mother and father screaming. It was the most terrible thing that's ever happened to me. Once it finished I was surrounded by Ron, Harry, Hermione and this guy Neville I just met him but he seems like a cool guy. And then I realized I was sobbing really bad.

"Uh hi guys how are you." I said once I finished crying and sat up.

"Are we ok are you ok?" Ron blurted out. I guess he didn't mean to say that out loud.

"Oh ya I'm fine I was just waiting for you." I said getting up and walking past them completely ignoring the topic.

"But Hail-" Harry said then Hermione punched his arm."Ow what the heck?" Harry said looking at Hermione. Then Hermione shoot Harry a look and I guess he understood what he meant because he was quiet then. Harry then ran up to me.

"Hey Hailey can we talk just about what's happened in our lives. I've never really had a sister so I'm not really good at this whole brother thing." He said.

"Don't worry you're actually doing a really good job and my life isn't to interesting. The most interesting thing about my life right now is that I got to finally met you." I said.

"That's the same thing for me. But can you please tell me what was going on back there on the couch?" Harry asked. I had n idea what to tell him. I didn't know if I should tell him what really happened or if I should lie. But telling the truth seems like the best thing to do. Maybe the same thing happened to him.

"Well it was really weird. One minute I'm sitting on the couch waiting for you guys and the next my scar got a sharp pain in it. It was really weird though the dream I keep having is the day our parents were murdered but this time it had sound and I guess the reason I was crying was because I heard both our parents scream." I said.

"Wow that's pretty weird. I hope that doesn't happen to me." Harry said. Wait this didn't happen to him. Then why did it happen to me.

"So that didn't happen to you." I said shocked.

"No it didn't." Harry said.

"That's weird. Oh we're here ya food." I said finding a spot at the Gryffindor table and grabbing some food. Then Ron and Hermione joined us.

"Hailey you sure you're ok?" Hermione asked concerned.

"Ya I'm fine." Then my scar started to hurt again. "Hey Harry can you show me were the hospital wing is." I said to him.

"Ya sure." Harry said as we both got up and left. "Hailey what's wrong?" Harry asked as we exited the dinning hall.

"My scar's starting to hurt again. I don't know why. I'm not curled into a ball on the ground so I'm not having a dream but why is it hurting?" I asked walking with Harry.

"I don't know either but we're here." He said stopping in front of a door.

"Harry can you please not leave I just don't want to be left alone. Also I'm just really scared." I said grabbing Harry's hand.

"Sure I wont leave." Then we walked into the hospital and saw Madame Pomfrey. She turned around and saw we were there.

"So what seems to be the problem?" She asked.

"Well uh this may seem weird but I've been having really sharp pains from my scar all morning." I said not wanting to tell the rest.

"Hailey are you going to tell her about the dream?" Harry said whispering to me when Madame Pomfrey left to get my bed ready.

"No I don't want anyone knowing but I do want to tell Dumbledore he may know what's going on." I said then Madame Pomfrey walked up to us again.

"Please lie down here." She said as she walked to my bed with Harry and I following behind. Then she put her hand on my scar and quickly pulled back as if it was on fire.

"What's wrong?" I said.

"I'll be back I'm going to go get Dumbledore and Mr.Potter it would probably be best for you to go to class now." She said getting up.

"But Madame Pomfrey." Harry said.

"No Mr.Potter I don't want you to be late for class so please go back to class." Madame Pomfrey said holding the door open for Harry.

"Bye Hailey." He said waving. I waved back and then he and Madame Pomfrey both left. So I was sitting there alone. I decided to put my hand on my scar and feel if it was hot. And I quickly pulled my hand back it really did feel like it was on fire. I then started to panic I had no idea what was going on.

Then I had the dream of that night again. I heard the screaming and all the other noises around me. Then the dream ended and I was sobbing again. I quickly pulled myself together and then Dumbledore and Madame Pomfrey walked in. I looked Dumbledore's face and he looked really worried. What was wrong. Then the pain in my scar returned. Ok this is starting to get annoying.

"Ow." I said as my head throbbed.

"Hailey are you ok? We have called your parents and they are on their way." He asked coming to sit down beside me. Then he started to talk to Madame Pomfrey.

"What's wrong with me?" I asked but he ignored me. "Professor Dumbledore what's wrong with me?" I said raising my voice and getting his attention. "I keep seeing the same thing it's the night my mother and father were murdered but there's sound and all I can here is my parents screaming but I can also hear sounds in the background." I said then Dumbledore's face turned from worried to extremely worried.

"Hailey I think it's trying to tell you something. Besides the screaming can you hear any other sounds?" Dumbledore asked.

"Well I remember the screaming but I can also hear a snake and some person saying something I think it may have been a spell. Then I remember seeing a flash and Harry and I were sitting there all alone." I said.

"Hailey how does your scar feel?" He asked.

"It hurts a lot and I don't know why and this is what scares me." I said.

"Hailey!" I heard my mom yelled as her and my dad entered the hopital wing.

"Mom! Dad!" I yelled hugging them.

"Mr and Mrs McDonald can I please talk to you two in my office. Hailey will be in good hands. She has Madame Pomfrey." He said then Hermione burst through the door followed by Harry, Ron and Neville. "And she'll have visits from these four." Dumbledore said as him and my parents walked out of the hospital wing.

"Hailey are you ok?" Hermione said running to my bedside.

"Hermione I'm fine." I said smiling at here.

"No you're not Harry told us what happened with your scar and the visions and how your scar feels like it's on fire." Hermione said. I then shoot Harry a look.

"Well uh I'm fine now but I guess some things really wrong because Dumbledore called my parents and he rushed down here to check on me. So far I haven't heard anything about what's wrong with me but I feel fine." I replied. A couple minutes later my parents walked back in. 

"Mom! Dad! Can you please tell me what's going on?" I asked as they came over to my bed.

"I'm sorry Hailey Dumbledore said he wants to tell you but he doesn't want to now so you're going to have to wait. And we have to go." My mom said as her and my dad gave me a hug and left the hospital.

"Ok Hailey I want you to go back to sleep." Madame Pomfrey said placing a cold wet cloth on my head. "Now you four go back to class and give these notes to your teacher to explain why you were late." She said handing each of them a note and shooing them out.

"Madame Pomfrey I can't sleep." I said as she walked by my bed.

"Please just try." She said a curtain around my bed. I lied there for like a half hour just trying to figure out what is wrong with me. Then I fell asleep and had the worst nightmare. It showed Harry, Hermione, Ron,  Neville and my birth mom and dad. They were all above me and I was in some sort of hole and I tried to reach them but my body wouldn't move. Then someone was standing on top of me. I quickly woke and looked around and saw it was night time and I looked around my bed and Harry and Hermione were both sleeping on the floor. I took one last look around me to make sure nothing was there and fell back asleep.


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