Harry Potter's Twin

Hailey McDonald or is suppose to be Potter. Was a some what normal 11 year old. Even though she knew she was a wizard. She had a secret that only her, Dumbledore and her adoptive parents knew. She was the secret twin of the famous Harry Potter. And going to Hogwarts is the place she'll be able to met Harry and tell him she's her twin. But the only problem is will Harry listen or will he ignore her.


6. Chapter 6

I up and remembered it was the weekend. I was so excited but also really upset because in two days I'd have to start my two week detention. Yeah sarcasm added. I woke up and saw that Hermione was still sleeping. Did I really wake up before she did this is a first. I got dressed and I went to the common room and just sat there.

"Oh hey Hailey." I heard Harry say as he came down the stairs.

"Hey Harry. Good morning." I said moving over so Harry could sit down.

"So Hailey why are you up so early?" Harry said coming to sit down beside me.

"I think it's because I went to bed so early." I said.

"Hey Hailey can I ask you a question?" Harry asked. Maybe he'll ask why him and I look so similar.

"Yeah sure Harry. What's the question?" I asked.

"Why did you punch Malfoy in the face?" He asked. This guy is so clueless.

"I punched him in I  the face because he called me four eyes and called Hermione mudblood and also because he's just a humongous jerk who deserves it." I said a little upset that he hasn't clued in we look almost the exact same.

"Well nice job. I haven't known Malfoy for long but I also want to punch him in the face." Harry said with a chuckle.

"Hey Harry can I tell you something?" I asked. I guess I was going to tell him even if he didn't notice.

"Ya sure." Harry said then Ron walked down the stairs.

"Harry we have to go oh I see you guys are talking." Ron said turning around.

"Hey Hailey can we talk about this later?" I sighed and nodded. " Thanks. Hey Ron we can still go to the library. Hailey said she can tell me later." Harry said getting off the couch. Am I ever going to be able to tell him we're twins.

"Hailey want to join us at the library?" Harry asked.

"Um no I'm good I think I may go talk to Hagrid." I said.

"Ok. Well she you later." Harry said as him and Ron left through the door.

I walked out of the painting and after getting past the moving stairs I walked down the hall and saw Malfoy again.

"Oh look-" Malfoy said before I punched him straight in the face and making his nose bleed.

"What the hell was that for!" He yelled at me.

"It's for being a jerk and thinking that you can keep calling me four eyes and I wont care. Cause I do care and also never call my friend a mudblood again." I said walking away and finding my way around. Then I bumped into Professor McGonagall.

"Oh Professor McGonagall can you show me where Hagrid is?" I asked.

"And why do you need to see him?" She replied.

"Him and I started a conversation and we never got to finish it. So I really need to see him." I said covering my hand once I realized it had some nose blood on it.

"Very well. Follow me." McGonagall said walking. We walked a little bit and then we headed outside. We started to walk down a hillside till I saw a little hut at the bottom of it.

"Here is Hagrids hut.  I hope you'll be able to find your way back?" McGonagall said.

"Yeah I'll be fine. I'll see you again Monday and don't forget my detention starts with you after dinner on Monday. I said waving goodbye then running towards Hagrid's hut.

I knocked on the door and got a loud answer. "Whos there?" I heard Hagrid say from inside.

"Hagrid it's Hailey." As soon as I said that the door flung open and there stood Hagrid.

"Hailey it's you." Hagrid said pulling me into a tight hug.

"Hi Hagrid. I just wanted to make sure you were ok." I said once he released me and I sat on the hard wooden bench.

"Why wouldn't I be ok?" Hagrid said happily.

"I just wanted to tell you that don't blame yourself for what happened 11 years ago it wasn't your fault." I said in a more quiet tone.

"Oh that. But Hailey if I wouldn't have forgotten you. You would have been able to live with Harry for the 11 years you haven't known him." Hagrid said wit tears forming in his eyes.

"Hagrid it's probably best that I didn't stay with Harry because Harry always complains about his cousin or our cousin Dudley and I know if I was there I would have punched him in the face about a hundred times." I said.

"Well are you sure you don't blame me." Hagrid said with little tears falling from his face.

"Hagrid I would never blame you. It wasn't your fault you didn't know." I said coming over and hugging him.

"I know but I should have. Why would have there been another baby in there if they weren't part of the family." Hagrid said still crying a bit.

"Hagrid I know you blame yourself for this. And I would probably feel the same way if I was in your position but Hagrid if I was in your position and I heard everything I was saying I would start to not blame myself as much. I know I can't bring back my mother and father. But if they were here they wouldn't want you to blame yourself for leaving me there." I said almost crying at the thought of my parents.

"Are you really sure you don't blame me for that?" Hagrid said. Finally he was understanding what I was saying.

"Yes Hagrid I'm sure I don't blame you. I wouldn't want you to think it was your fault. And you seem like a nice person and I wouldn't want you to have that bugging you." I said hugging him again.

"Ok well it's really nice to meet you." Hagrid said with a chuckle.

"It's really nice to meet you to but can you show me where the library. Harry and Ron are in there still hopefully and I just wanted to go see them." I said.

"Sure lets go." Hagrid said getting up and shaking the hut. I followed him into the school and we passed a whole bunch of hallways and we finally ended up in the library.

"Here you are and is that Harry and Ron?" Hagrid said pointing over to two boys one with orange hair and another with messy black hair.

"Ya that's them thanks for the help." I said hugging Hagrid again.

"You know you and Harry look a lot a like." Hagrid said.

"Well we are twins." I said happily.

"You guys are twins?" Hagrid said with shock on his face.

"Ya we are and so far you, Ron, George, Fred and Hermione know but Harry still doesn't know himself. I'm still working on that part. It's harder then I thought." I said.

"Well good lick at telling him." Hagrid said happily.

"Thanks Hagrid. I'll talk to you later." I said waving goodbye and walking into the library.

"Hey Harry. Hey Ron." I said coming to sit beside Harry.

"Hey Hailey." They said together.

"So how was your talk with Hagrid?" Harry asked.

"Oh good I just needed to clear something up with him. Hey have you guys seen Hermione?"I asked. I hadn't seen her all day and I was starting to get worried.

"Why are you friends with her?" Ron said under his breath.

"Because she's a nice person. So I'm taking that as a no?" I said and they shook their heads no. I wonder where she could be? A couple hours later of sitting in the library and just reading random books. We went for dinner. I had Ron on the left side of me and Hermione on the other side. I found out where she was. She was reading in her room. 

"So Hailey when does your detention start?" Fred asked.

"I start Monday. And it's right after dinner with McGonagall." I said upset.

"Oh detention with her is terrible she makes you write lines it's the most boring thing in the world." George said with a fake yawn at the end.

After dinner we sat in the common room for about 2 or 3 hours. It was really fun. In that time I wanted to finish my conversation with Harry but he was to busy talking with Ron and Hermione about this weeks homework. I had actually already finished it. It was really easy I just looked through the pages we had read so far and got the answer that way. I finished it the night we got it so I had no homework the whole weekend. Once everyone had left the common room I still couldn't sleep so I stayed in the common room and just stared at the slowly dying fire and just thought about my parents. I just thought of what they would say of I asked them how I would tell Harry something. I was deep in thought on the couch when I started to feel sleepy. I tried to keep my eyes open but they kept closing till I finally gave in and passed out on the couch.

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