Harry Potter's Twin

Hailey McDonald or is suppose to be Potter. Was a some what normal 11 year old. Even though she knew she was a wizard. She had a secret that only her, Dumbledore and her adoptive parents knew. She was the secret twin of the famous Harry Potter. And going to Hogwarts is the place she'll be able to met Harry and tell him she's her twin. But the only problem is will Harry listen or will he ignore her.


5. Chapter 5

"Hailey wake up it's our first day of class." Hermione said excitedly.

"Uhhh 5 more minutes." I said hiding my face under my pillow.

"Come on Hailey we're going to be late for breakfast." Hermione said.

"FOOD." I said quickly getting out of bed quickly.

"Wow if I knew that would get you out of bed so quickly I would have started with that." Hermione said while I was already starting to pick out my outfit.

"Come on Hermione let's go eat breakfast." I said almost walking out into the common room.

"Uh Hailey hair?" Hermione said pointing at my head.

"Dang. Forgot." I said realizing I still had really bad bed head. 

I quickly brushed my hair and was just waiting for Hermione. "Come on Hermione FOOD!" I said running down the stairs.

"You know there's still going to be food when we get there." Hermione said running after me.

We were walking down the stairs when I walked into Harry. "Sorry about that Harry." I said getting up and brushing myself off.

"Don't worry it's my fault I wasn't looking where I was going." Harry said getting up.

"Come on Harry we have to go eat breakfast." Ron said to Harry.

"Oh ya we were going to go get breakfast you guys want to join." Harry said to us.

"That's where we were headed." Hermione said.

"Once again FOOD." I said.

"Yes FOOD." Ron agreed.

"Well looks like you two both have a love for food." Harry said laughing.

"Hey Hailey race you to the dinning hall." Ron said.

"You're on." I said quickly running.

"Hey not fair." Ron said trailing behind me. We were both standing outside the entrance to the Gryffindor common room when Ron said go. I really had no idea where I was going so I just was guessing. I was running and I got separated from Ron so I had a feeling he knew where he was going. I was running when I ran past a door and saw a whole bunch of people eating food. I knew that this must be the dinning hall. I ran in and saw Ron wasn't there yet. I found the Gryffindor table and sat down. I was starting to eat some bacon when I saw Ron walk in.

"How-in-the-world-did-you-beat-me." Ron said in between breaths.

"I really have no idea all I know is I ran past here and then realized what it was." I said taking another bite of my bacon.

"How long have you been waiting." Ron said coming to sit down beside me.

"About five minutes." I said finishing my bacon.

"Ron I see you have met the student who got detention on their first day of school." Fred or George said coming to sit down one on either side of Ron and I.

"Wait you guys know each other?" I said confused.

"Is it really that hard to tell that the three of us are related." Fred said. Or at least I think it was Fred. And then I realized they all had orange hair.

"No not at all I'm just not really a morning person." I said .

"Wait you got detention on your first day of school? For what?" Ron asked.

"I punched a kid in the face on the train." I said happily.

"Who?" Ron asked.

"Malfoy. And then I almost punched him in the face again but I didn't." I said realizing how upset I was that I didn't punch him in the face again. 

"You punched Malfoy in the face? Why?" Ron asked excitedly.

"He was being a humongous jerk. He called me four eyes and that I could ignore. But then he called Hermione a mudblood and that I wasn't standing for so I punched him in the face. And I don't care what everyone says he deserves it and everyone knows it." I said grabbing some cereal.

"Well that's pretty awesome." Ron said.

"Also can I tell you three something." I said I guess now may be a good time to tell them unless they already know.

"Ya sure." Ron said with his mouthful of food and Fred and George still sitting beside us.

"Well if you know Harry. Him and I are kinda twins." I said awkwardly.

"Well now it makes sense." Ron said.

"You knew?" I asked confused.

"Well it's kind of obvious you both look almost the exact same and you both have the exact same scar and you both have the last name Potter." Ron said.

"Wait you have the same scar as Harry let us see!" Fred and George said pushing my hair back and pushing Ron out of the way.

"You two do have the same scar!" George said.

"Well you saw the scar can you please get your hand out of my cereal." I said pointing at the hand in my cereal.

"Ah really." Fred said taking his hand out of my cereal. Then Ron and George started to laugh.

"Also don't tell Harry. I want to tell him about being his twin." I said quickly remembering I still haven't told him.

"We'll keep an eye on each other and make sure we don't say anything." The three of them said. Then Harry and Hermione walked in.

"So who won the race." Harry said coming to sit between Ron and I.

"I did! I did!" I yelled excitedly.

"Wait how did Hailey win." Harry asked confused.

"I guessed at where I was going so I randomly ran past it and then Ron showed up a couple minutes later." I said taking a bite out of my new bowl of cereal.

"Guys we have to hurry and eat breakfast or we're going to be late for potions and I don't want to be late on our first day." Hermione said.

"Fine but let me finish my cereal." I said quickly finishing my cereal. Soon everyone had finished breakfast. We said goodbye to Fred and George and started to walk to potions.

"Ah Mr. Potter, Ms. Granger, Mr. Weasley and Ms. Potter I see you you four are late for my class. " The potions teacher I guess said.

"But we didn't know where we were going." I said. Then the potions teacher gave me like this stare.

"I'll let it go this time but next time it's detention for the four of you. Now sit down." The teacher said walking to the front of the class. "Now my name is Professor Snape. And there will be no wand waving in my classroom." Snape said.

The rest of the day was pretty boring. The only bad part was when Malfoy tripped me in the hallway and made me hurt my arm. So I ended up going to the hospital wing. And I almost missed dinner because I was in the hospital wing. If I would have missed dinner I would not be happy. When we got back to the dorm Hermione was busy with reading so I fell asleep early. And I was surprised at how fast I fell asleep.

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