Harry Potter's Twin

Hailey McDonald or is suppose to be Potter. Was a some what normal 11 year old. Even though she knew she was a wizard. She had a secret that only her, Dumbledore and her adoptive parents knew. She was the secret twin of the famous Harry Potter. And going to Hogwarts is the place she'll be able to met Harry and tell him she's her twin. But the only problem is will Harry listen or will he ignore her.


3. Chapter 3

Today was the day. Today was the day I was going to Hogwarts and meet my twin brother for the first time. We woke up pretty early that morning just to make sure I was all packed and that I didn't miss the train.

A couple hours later we showed up at Kings Cross Station. All my stuff was put on a trolley and found the pillar between platforms 9 and 10. I was about to run through the pillar but I suddenly got scared and stopped right before. I suddenly heard a voice calling from behind me.

"Hailey! Hailey!" I looked behind me and saw Hermione the girl I met yesterday while at Diagon Alley.

"Hermione I'm happy to see you I'm kind of scared to go through the wall.." I said pushing the trolley towards her.

"Don't worry follow me. Let me just say goodbye to my mom and dad." She said. Then running towards to people and hugging both of them then running back towards me with her trolley.

"Ok Hailey just run towards the pillar and you should end up on the otherside." Hermione said then running towards the pillar then disappearing. I did the same thing and I ended up somewhere. I looked up and saw a sign that said platform 9 3/4. 

"Do you want to get a compartment together?" Hermione asked. 

"That sounds great. Also can I tell you something in the compartment?" I asked. I guess now was the best time to tell Hermione about Harry and stuff.

"Ya sure." Hermione said as we handed our stuff to the people on the train and then we walked on the train. We were looking for an empty compartment when this guy with blonde hair and the worst comb over I've ever seen bumped into us.

"Watch where your going Mubdbloods." I had no idea what that meant but I saw the hurt in Hermione's eyes and just knew it was something bad.

"Watch your mouth idiot." I said to him.

"What did you just call me?" He said turning towards me.

"I called you and idiot." I said stepping closer so now him and I were face to face.

"Why don't you watch your mouth." He said.

"How about no." I replied.

"Well we'll see about that. I have some pretty powerful parents so you better watch what you say there four eyes." He replied with a smirk. Ok he just crossed the line. I wasn't thinking about punching him but that. That just did it.

"Hailey he's not worth it." Hermione said grabbing my hand before I could punch him. She then pulled me into an empty compartment and closed the door. I heard the idiot and his idiot friends laughing as the walked away. If this guy is going is going to be this way the whole time I am so teaching him a lesson.

"Hermione I was just about to give that guy what he deserves." I said looking at her upset.

"He's not worth it." She said still upset.

"What did that guy even mean by mudblood." I said realizing how upset she really was and coming over to comfort her.

"It's nothing." She said looking out the window.

"Hermione I may have not known you for long but I can tell your upset. What does it mean." I said putting my hand on her shoulder.

"It's a foul term used on people who are halfbloods or muggleborn." Hermione said almost crying.

"Well then why did he use it?" I asked confused because I had no idea what was going on.

"Because he's a Malfoy." She said.

"Wait you know him?" I asked.

"Not really but I know he's from the Malfoy family and his first names Draco." Hermione said.

"Well Hermione don't worry next time I see the Malfoy guy he's getting a piece of my mind." I said giving her a hug.

"Also Hermione can I tell you what I was going to tell you." I said.

"Sure what is it." She said drying the tears that were in her eyes. Ok this Malfoy is going to pay for this.

"Well you see you know of Harry Potter right." I said.

"Ya he's the most famous wizard in the wizarding world." Hermione said in a curious tone.

"Well you see he has a twin and that twin is me." I said quietly so that anyone walking past couldn't hear.

"How can you prove it?" Hermione said. I then moved the hair on my forehead revealing my lightning bolt shaped scar.

"Oh my. Your the twin of Harry Potter." Hermione said shocked.

"Yes but please don't tell anyone. I don't want anyone knowing right now." I said.

"Don't worry I wont tell anyone." Hermione said hugging me. 

"Also I'm going to the wash room be back in a bit." I said getting up and going into the hall. Once again I was walking and I ran into Malfoy.

"Oh look it's four eyes." He said to his friends.

Don't say anything just walk away. Forget he said that remember what Hermione said he's not worth it.

"What don't have any mudblood friends to help." He said laughing with his friends.

"You know what." I said walking up to him and punching him straight in the face. "And no one calls my friends that or calls me four eyes." I said to him then walking away.

After I did that I realized I didn't have to use the wash room any more so I just walked back to the compartment Hermione and I were sharing.

"Hermione I know you told me he wasn't worth it. But he called my four eyes and that I could ignore but then he called you a mudblood again and I just could ignore that." I said holding my hand that hurt a lot.

"Hailey why did you do that." She said quickly grabbing my hand.

"Ow I did it because he's a humongous jerk and I wasn't letting him get away with it." I said as she grabbed my hand.

"I think it may be broken. Just sleep and we'll see if it feels better when you wake up." Hermione said wrapping my hand in gauze.

~1 Hour Later~

I suddenly felt someone shaking my shoulder. And I was happy they were I was having the dream again.

"Hailey wake up we're almost here." A voice said and I recognized that voice belonging to Hermione.

"I'm up." I said with my eyes still closed.

"Also Professor Dumbledore wants to see you when you get off the train. He said he'll met you at the front of the train. No hurry get your robes on." She said.

"Wait Dumbledore wants to see me?" I asked getting up and putting my robes on.

"I guess it's about the whole punching in the face thing. Also I met Harry." Hermione said excitedly.

"You did? You didn't tell him did you?" I asked worried.

"No I didn't but you guys look like twins. You both wear glasses, you both have black hair and your scars the exact same." Hermione said.

"Well I just hope he believes me when I tell him." I said.

"Hailey we have to get off the train now. I'll see you in the Great Hall hopefully we get put in the same house." Hermione said joining the rest of the first years. I walked to the front of the train and saw Dumbledore standing there.

"Sir I'm sorry I punched Malfoy in the face he called me four eyes the he called my friend a mudblood and I just wasn't standing for that." I said quickly.

"Ah yes we'll talk about that after dinner but I wanted to tell you your last name is going to be Potter on the list." He said.

"Why? Why can't it be McDonald I don't want everyone knowing." I begged.

"I know you don't but it has to be your real last name. So it has to be Potter. No hurry up and catch up with Hagrid." Dumbledore said.

"Ok." I said upset then running up to a very tall man.

"Excuse me are you Hagrid?" I asked taping his hand.

"Who are you?" He asked in a kind voice.

"I'm Hailey Potter. I guess I should start going by that name now." I said.

Then Hagrid got a glimpse of my scar on my forehead. "Wait you were the other baby in the crib with Harry. Weren't you?" He said upset.

"Well ya." I said upset.

"I'm so sorry for leaving you there." He said hugging me.

"Ok um can I get in one of those boats before I leave?" I asked.

"Ya sure there's a boat right there that needs one more person." He said pointing the boat on the left of me.

I got in the boat and realized that I was in the same boat as Malfoy.

"Your kidding me right." I whispered to myself.

"Oh look it's four eyes again." Malfoy laughed holding a pack of ice to his eye.

"I'd shut up if I were you Malfoy or it'll be you nose next time." I said to him pretending no one was there. Then Malfoy stopped laughing and shut up the rest of the boat ride.

I got off the boat but couldn't find Hermione so I just followed everyone who was getting off the boat. We walked in a place that I guessed was the Great Hall. We were waiting on a set of stairs when I saw Hermione standing at the top of the stairs. I was only a couple stairs behind her. I was trying to get up to her but I had no way of getting there. Then I saw Malfoy walk up to a dude with black hair and I heard Malfoy introduce himself and then I heard the guy say he was Harry Potter. That guy is my twin brother I need to talk to him but I have no way of getting to him. Then suddenly a door opened and we were being leaded to a dinning hall.

After a hat had finished singing they started to call people up for sorting. After a couple people had gone they finally said my brother.

"Potter, Harry!" As Harry walked up to stool there was so much whispering coming from everyone. As they placed the hat on his head it was a couple minutes before hat yelled.

"Gryffindor!" The hat yelled and the whole Gryffindor table cheered.

"Potter, Hailey!" I started to walk up to the stool and I heard more whispering then I did when Harry went up. I looked over at the Gryffindor table and Harry was giving me a strange look and I saw Hermione sitting next to him looking at me. They put the hat on my head and it covered my eyes and I heard the hat starting to talk to me.

"So you're the secret twin of Harry Potter." The hat said in my ear.

"Y-yes." I studttered.

"Well you and your brother both have similar qualities. You both would do great in Slytherin." The hat said.

"I want to be with my brother." I said.

"Well then that's what we'll do. Gryffindor." The hat yelled. I put the hat on the stool and went and sat beside Hermione. 

"Hailey I'm so happy we both got put in the same house." Hermione said excitedly hugging me.

"Me too." I said.

Hermione let me go from the hug and I saw Harry and a red headed boy staring at me. I elbowed Hermione in the side and she got the hint.

"Hailey this is Harry and Ron. Harry, Ron this Hailey." Hermione said.

"Hello." I said waving to them. They waved back but they just kept on looking at me weird.

"Hey Hailey can I talk to you after dinner?" Harry asked.

"Ya sure." This was going to be my chance to finally tell Harry we're twins. 

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