Harry Potter's Twin

Hailey McDonald or is suppose to be Potter. Was a some what normal 11 year old. Even though she knew she was a wizard. She had a secret that only her, Dumbledore and her adoptive parents knew. She was the secret twin of the famous Harry Potter. And going to Hogwarts is the place she'll be able to met Harry and tell him she's her twin. But the only problem is will Harry listen or will he ignore her.


1. Chapter 1

It happened when I was about 1 year old. I was sitting in my crib with my twin brother Harry. All of a sudden this guy walked in with no nose. Later in my life I found out this was Lord Voldemort. He fired a curse at Harry and I and it somehow didn't kill us. And he then disappeared. A couple hours later a man came in and took Harry away from me. He looked at me and just walked away. I sat there all alone crying. Finally someone came and took me away. Then I woke up scared. i had been having this dream for the past week.

"Hailey dinner." My mom yelled from downstairs.

"Coming." I yelled back starting to run down the stairs. I sat down at the dinner table and my mom and dad were looking at me weird. I wonder what the problem was.

"Hailey your mother and I have some news to tell you." My dad said putting down his paper.

"Hailey you see we aren't your real parents your parents were murdered. And I would hate to say it but that dream you've been having is the night your parents were murdered." My mom said almost crying.

"Wait so my REAL parents were murdered. Then how did I get my scar."  I said feeling my forehead.

"The man who killed your parents was a wizard and he used a curse to kill you and your brother and it back fired and you got that scar." My dad said.

"Wait I have a brother. And does that mean I'm a wizard also?" I asked. Why have my parents or my fake parents been lying to me.

"Yes Hailey you are a wizard and your brother is Harry Potter. So your real last name is Potter. He is the most famous wizard because he is the only wizard to have survived. But you see the only other person who knows about you is Dumbledore. And he talked to us and he said he wanted to make sure no one knew about you and to tell you on your 11 birthday. And not even Harry knows he has a twin sister so it's your task at Hogwarts to tell Harry about you." My dad said seriously.

"Wait wait wait Hogwarts?" I asked. I was so confused.

"Oh yeah Hogwarts is a boarding school for wizards and that's you Hailey. Here's your letter and in a couple days Dumbledore is going to come pick you up to go get all of your stuff you need for Hogwarts." My mom said handing me a letter.

"So Harry's going to be at this school." I asked reading the list of items I need.

"Ya he is and we all agreed you get to be the one to tell Harry your his twin sister." My dad.

"OMG I can have and owl? I want a barn ow!" I said excitedly.

"Ok but Hailey can we talk about this tomorrow dinner's getting cold and it's almost bedtime." My mom said starting to put dinner on the table.

"Sure mom let me help." I said getting out of my chair and grabbing the pot of peas and putting them on the table.

As I went to bed I was so excited. I was just so happy I found out I had a brother. And that I get to go to a school made especially for wizards. But I just wish I knew something about my real parents. My mom and dad said they never got to ask Dumbledore their names. But I just hope I turn out like them.  



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