Hired For Irwin

Ashton Irwin and his bandmates have started to become big. Modest! Manegement decided to you know, be their managers and all because they are the opening act for One Direction. a month before the tour starts, manegement decides they need to have girlfriends. yes all of them. to have a 'better image.' when all the boys get their girls before ashton and seem to get along with each them, he wonders if he will get along with his. when Elle arrives with a horse in tow, they are wary of each other and cant seem to get along. will they start to like each other before tour starts or will they need to act?


5. Tour Time!

sorry about not updating guys! but im updating now so dont be mad! :) okay go ahead, start reading now.

Ashtons POV

its been two day since we met up with manegement and the bands. Elle was told that for publicity that she needed to stay over until the tour. well, today is the tour! i woke up to a sound of snaps, probably coming from a phone. i groaned and rolled over. wait something else was in bed too. i sat up and looked over and let out a sigh of releif. its just elle. we knew thata the boys would take pictures of us so we decided to keep acting. she sits up too and looks at me, a confused look on her face. the boys are still taking pictures. "guuuuyys leeeaaavve!!" i say. "no" "nada no compreno" "what im sorry i dont hear old people!" the boys all said. Elle grabs a pillow and puts it over her face laying down again. "hey thats my pillow!" i say. the boys laugh at me and luke holds up his phone. "say hi to keek lovebirds!" he says. i hear Elle groan. what happens next is like in slow motion. she sits up and throws my pillow at luke, it hits his hand and his phone flies out onto the bed. she picks it up and says "dont mess with me lukey-pukey. your hair is next." "no not my hair!!" and with that, she stops the keek. i laugh. "Yes!!" is all i say. "okay freaks and lady, the bus is here. be ready in an hour." michael says. "what time is it?" i groan "4 in the flippin morning. you could have let me sleep, 30 more minutes and i would be better!" Elle says. "gurl you wake up at 4:30 in the morning! this should be nothing!" i say. "well i still need an extra thirty minutes!" she says. she goes to one bathroom and i go into the other. i take a shower and change. by the time im done, Elle is already out, hair dry and put up in a ponytail. she has really pretty curly hair. "ready?" i ask. "yuppo. and i was told girls take forever!" she says. "hey! a guy needs to look beautiful at 5 in the morning." i say. "really? cuz for a girl, we can look like crap!" "wow been a couple for what? 3 days and youre already fighting? Elle, you should probably look more presentable. i mean, the paps are out there and you look like that." stella says. elle just looks at her "at least i am comfy and dont look like a clown..." she smirks. stella looks ticked. "well at least i look good. i mean, youre in yoga pants and a sweatshirt for a univartisy. arent you a little young to be wearing one of those?" "well stella if you noticed, im 18 and this isnt my sweatshirt." "well whos is it then? cheating on ashton already?" "nope! its my brothers." she says. stella looks like she was hit by a bus cuz she was wrong. Elle: 1 Stella: 0. we head out to the bus. with them together and the other girls, this is gonna be a loong tour!

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