Hired For Irwin

Ashton Irwin and his bandmates have started to become big. Modest! Manegement decided to you know, be their managers and all because they are the opening act for One Direction. a month before the tour starts, manegement decides they need to have girlfriends. yes all of them. to have a 'better image.' when all the boys get their girls before ashton and seem to get along with each them, he wonders if he will get along with his. when Elle arrives with a horse in tow, they are wary of each other and cant seem to get along. will they start to like each other before tour starts or will they need to act?


10. Officially Official

Ashtons POV

after we all step out of the car i see Elles mums eyes widen. i dont think she knew that Elle was dating a band member. meh. i take in the situation and see a girl that looks Elles age glaring at Elle. it looks like they were haveing a glare contest. the two men were glaring at micheal and i while the last girl looked like she saw a ghost. she looks younger then Elle and that other girl so its probably her youngest sister tessa. i clear my throat. "Elle where do we get to slumber?" she looks at me weird. "did you just ask me where we get to slumber? because i think you might need to use the sleep for saying that." i give her a look. "maybe i need to use the sleep!" she gasps. i chuckle. "hi im Ashton Irwin nice to meet you." i reach out my hand to her mum. she looks at my hand and just says, "do you boys have a job?" still not taking my hand. she was talking to both me and micheal. "erm i uh play the guitar and sing." "yeah and i sing a little bit and play the drums?" uh oh. that came out as a question which means i probably sound like im lying. "erm mom this is Ashton, my boyfriend. his smurfy purple haired friend micheal and my friend natelli who is also Micheals girlfriend." Elle says. "i asked what they do and they just said they play musical things. they dont have jobs. i also most definatly not approve of you dating a drummer who questions his own career." her mum says. "mom?" tessa says. "yes sweety?" whoa. bipolar much? "thats Micheal Clifford and Ashton Irwin. they are on tour with One Direction. they're a band." "oh sweety thats so cool." she turns to look at micheal and i. "boys come on in. ill show you to your rooms. Elliana, you are sleeping on the couch and your friend can have the other" she ends that rudely. i hear Elle sigh. i stay back and wait for her when julia comes up to me, taking my hand and intertwining our fingers, pulling me into the house. "you know, mom doesnt approve of Elliana dating at all but i doubt she will object of me and you dating." she winks. "erm sorry i like girls who are sporty and have enough muscles to beat the crap out of me." she glares and just pulls me more. i turn around and elle and natelli are carrying sheets over to the couchs, talking. both of their faces kinda sad looking. i sigh. when we finally reach my room i see a king sized bed and almost a living room. it has a couch and a flat screen tv in it. also a bathroom but its not as good as Elles house. "hhmmm its not as good as Elles or my place but it will do." i smirk. i see Julia get kinda flustered. "erm okay well my room is across the hall, micheal has the room next to you, tessa has the room next to him and my parents room is across from her. if you dont like this room go ahead and take any of the other rooms. we have four others." "i doubt any of the other rooms are better so its fine." i shrug "can you leave so i can change please?" she rolls her eyes and walks out. she says "we have a dinner in an hour. so start getting ready." "k" i slam the door in her face. i text elle and say hey come on up to my room. bed is huge plus couch. just sleep up here. OMIGOSH it will be like we will be a married couple!!-A   my gosh ash we are so not married and thanks for offering your room i would like to if thats alright. you need to convince micheal to let natelli stay with him because these couchs are crap! and i told her that we know about the contract and she knows about ours. im on my way up. -E i hear a knock on the door and i open it. i hug her and say "go take a shower then while you get ready ill take one okay?" she nods and heads into the bathroom. "bae?" "yeah?" "why did you hug me?" "fancy spur of the moment crap." i tell her. she nods. i wish that she really was mine though. i hear another knock and micheal is there with a excited look. "mate i asked her! we are official!!!"  "sweet! i knew you really liked her! do you think i can do the same with Elle?" i ask. he nods. "do it after she is ready before we leave." he says. i nod and he heads out. time to get ready!

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