Hired For Irwin

Ashton Irwin and his bandmates have started to become big. Modest! Manegement decided to you know, be their managers and all because they are the opening act for One Direction. a month before the tour starts, manegement decides they need to have girlfriends. yes all of them. to have a 'better image.' when all the boys get their girls before ashton and seem to get along with each them, he wonders if he will get along with his. when Elle arrives with a horse in tow, they are wary of each other and cant seem to get along. will they start to like each other before tour starts or will they need to act?


2. Great...

Ashtons POV

i already dont like this Elle chick. why was she picked and why did she show up riding an ATV? "Elle, you and Ashton will need to start shpending more time together. so ashton, you will spend the night here and i would like you and Elle to hang out together. possibly go on a date. start rumours up. Ashton, you are the only one that knows that all the boys are getting hired girlfriends so keep it a secret." the manager says. "yessir" i say back. "wait why are you the only one that knows all the guys are getting girls?" elle asks. "well, we are getting girlfriends because manegement thinks it will be good for publicity. all the guys are getting girls at different times so it seems like we are doing it on our own." i say. "can i ask you something?" i ask. "you just did" she replied, smirking. "yes you can ask me something." she says. "erm, did you know about this? cuz you agreed kinda fast..." "well ashton, my dad, the guy down there, told me he would have a few people over for work and stuff. i have been asked by my dad to date people several time though..." she says. "wont you be getting a lot of hate for going out with me then? if you went out with all of them..." i reply. "this is different." "how?" i ask. she looks at me "youre the first guy i have said yes too. you look like an okay guy so i dont want you ending up with a slut or something or someone that is worse then me so im kinda, helping you?" she says. be ]fore i can say anything back she says "well, this is your room. my dads room is the one right across from you and you have your own bathroom. my room is the lats one on the right... farthest away from the stair so that if a murderer breaks in, i get killed last." she smiles, meaning it as a joke. "haha good to know." she walks away and i cant help but think, okay maybe she isnt too bad. but i still dont want a fake girlfriend. oh well, its pretty late so i change and get ready for bed. when i lay my head down i hear a scream. i run out of my room towards Elles. "elle?  elle? are you okay?!" i yell knocking on her door. i open the door slowly. "ell im coming in." i say. when i open the door she is on her phone out on the balcony. wait she has a balcony!? why dint i have one?! she turns around. "akhem, sorry lad, just got some good news... my dieing scream and excited scream sound the same..." she says blushing. "oh okay... erm last minute thing but you wanna go out to eat tomorrow?" i ask. she just nods "no Allie i cant come sorry." she says into her phone. she then takes it off her ear and looks at it funny. "she just hung up on me?" "hhmmm what was that all about;. the scream and stuff" i ask, walking  over to he couch and sitting on it. "my friend Allie moved to London a while after i moved here. so she lived there for a week so far. and so she got tickets to a 1D concert and asked if i wanted to go... i will already be there." "really? with who?" i ask. "Ashton" she says.... oh yeah shes coming with me. "well you better get some rest if you are taking me out then and if we spend time together like my dad wants, then be ready to wake up at 5 tomorrow morning." she says. "why 5?" i ask. "well i have chores and stuff. you should help..." she says. "Greeeaatt" i say. "ill be there" i say.

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