Hired For Irwin

Ashton Irwin and his bandmates have started to become big. Modest! Manegement decided to you know, be their managers and all because they are the opening act for One Direction. a month before the tour starts, manegement decides they need to have girlfriends. yes all of them. to have a 'better image.' when all the boys get their girls before ashton and seem to get along with each them, he wonders if he will get along with his. when Elle arrives with a horse in tow, they are wary of each other and cant seem to get along. will they start to like each other before tour starts or will they need to act?


8. #awkward

Elles POV

so ashton and i are now on our way to nandos with luke, calum, micheal, natelli, louis, eleanor, liam, sophia, zayn, perrie, harry, and niall. right now we are sitting in the back of a black van. i guess when youre famous, all the cars you ride in are black. i prefer the color red but oh well... when we reach Nandos, we all get out of the van and head inside. louis heads up and says "reservation for tomlinson, table for-" he starts counting, "fourteen please." "yes right this way." the lady says. "im skylar and i will be your server today" she says as she starts checking ashton out. i think he notices because the next thing he does is put an arm around my waist and whispers in my ear "hashtag awkward!" i giggle. skylar glares at me. i roll my eyes and sit across from ashton. when i feel my butt to vibrate i look down and realize that m phone is in my back pocket of my jeans. i take it out and stand up, heading to a quieter place. "hello?" "hey elle, i just heard from your mother about something really important" my dad says on the other line. "erm well you see honey, your mom, turns out she hasnt been married yet so she wants you to go out there to her wedding and be a bridesmaid?" my dad doesnt sound very happy. i for sure dont want to go but i will because i really want to see my sisters. "fine. am i allowed to bring anyone?" i ask. "well your mom knows that you and ashton are a couple but she doesnt now its under contract so you are allowed to bring him. your mom decided to let him be a groomsmen so you will be together. you both may bring one friend but they cant be anything but a guest." "okay" i am happy that ashton can go and that i can bring someone. "when is the wedding?" i ask. "its in 2 weeks. you will be leaving in two days. i know its short notice but i was literaly told 2 hours ago so yell at your mom later." i sigh. of course she tells us last minute. "okay ill tell ashton. ill text you tomarrow with who we will bring." "okay i love you sweetheart." "love you too dad. bye." i say and he hangs up. well that was a long five minutes. i walk back to the table and everyone else has already ordered. "i got you the peri peri chicken because i know its your favorite" niall says. "oh thanks food buddy!" i say. "what was that all about?" ashton asks. "its kinda personal. ill tell you when we get back to the hotel." i say and he just nods. after we are done eating, we head back to the hotel. when we get inside ashton asks me. "well bubby, my mom is getting married and you and i are invited and we can bring one person each. you are one of the groomsmen and im a bridesmaid. and no we dont have a choice because we have to go." i say. he just looks at me. "we should bring micheal and natelli. i think natelli really wants to be your friend but stella and may are holding her back." ashton says. "hmm yeah good idea. ill go text my dad and you ask them?" i ask. "im on it!" he says and he runs to their room. well i guess i am now excited for the wedding, even though im being forced to go, at least ashton, micheal, and natelli will be there.

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