Together forever

I love one direction



Class meet Zayn Mrs.Moon says to her 2nd period reading class. Zayn meet Jesica, Jesica will you plz show zayn around u have the same classes sure I say. We have been together since. Since then we have had a beautiful daughter named Hunter. Talk about a daddy's girl. We got married in 2013. Our daughter is 4 months old. Zayn is a amazing father I love him so.................... Much. He is caring and loving I could not ask for a better hubby. Today zayn asked me is there anything you would like to change I said to him no babe I would not want to change a thing I kiss him on his lips go get hunter out of her crib and say I love our little family even if I could change 1 thing I would not zayn I love you I love you to and kisses me on the lips then hunter on the head and we lived happily ever after

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