After All!!

Have you ever thought of does Justin have After all troubles that Justin made in past few months and all stuffs that happend between Justin and Selena there was the one girl that was with Justin all the time and no one knew who she was.She was his best friend girlfriend in childhood and now lover.But will she always be there and support him or look for someone who will not be ashamed to show her in public or be scared to do it?
Read the story to find out!
This story is not just about Justin it`s about Beliebers and their feelings.I feel like every Belieber have felt the feeling of not having anythin` and have been worried sick for Justin and what will happen with him.This story is for US.Beliebers.And i think you will like it because that feeling is the worst of knowing that something is wrong with Justin and i know that it`s hard.So i think you will relate with this story in the way i did.


14. Your Mine!

"It`s just that i don`t wanna be seen with you i mean not like i don`t want to ruin my reputation but i want to keep our friendship secret you it`s hard so you just go and have fun i`m gonna be here for a day more and then i`m going back to Canada.Okay?"I asked him and he looked down.My heart dropped seing him like that.Even tho i`m a badass,i am human i have feelings.

"It`s breaking my heart not because of you not coming with me,what breaks my heart is knowing that your gonna leave again.I got used to you,ya know.I love you,Angel."He said and i came closer to him.And wrapped my hands around his neck making him face me.He looked at me.

"You remember our first make-out session that we didn`t finnish?"I said and he nobbed his head."Well i wanna finnish it."I said and he`s face lighten up.But then faded.

"Yeah but you gotta boyfriend.Fabricio."He said and i smirked.

"He`s not my boyfriend i was acting like so to make you jealous and i did slept with him but when we were having sex i was thinking of you and i saw your figure on top of me.Even tho i knew it wasn`t real now i want it to be real."I said and peacked his lips making him want me.He smirked and put his hands on my thigh pulling me closer on his lap.I sat on his lap and we started kissing.He licked my lip asking for entrance.I of course let him and we started making out.I took of his shirt showing his abs.I smirked and that he pushed me on the bed separating my legs and laying in between them.He then started kissing my neck and to my sweet spot.He found it and sucked on it.It made me wet so i started playing with his hait and he know that im wet already.Just then Za got inside of the room.We both stopped an looked up.He was standing there on the door looking at us,smiling.I smiled back.
"Great timing,brother!"Justin said annoyed.Then smiled.
"Sorry bro but wanna go snowboarding."
"I gotta finnish this,bro."
"No go we can finnish later don`t worry about it just go seriously."i said.Justin looked at me and then at Za that was standing there with crossed arms.
"Okay,i`m coming down in a second."He said,Za nobbed his head and left,Justin turned to me and kissed me softly on lips.Then got up and left the room.
After a couple of hours...
   I was playing Ikariam on my tablet when i heard something hit my window.I got up and walked to it,and when i looked outside of the window i saw Justin,Za,Khalil,Ryan,Chaz,and......Chantel!!!What the fuck is SHE doing here?!I can`t believe she is here on MY vacation with the boys.I made confused look on my face and saw Justin pointing with his fingers making a sign to i come down,i nobbed my head and ran out of the room and downstairs.I unlocked the door and let them go in.
"What in the hell of a world is going on?"i actually screamed on Justin.
"Nothing?I forgot the keys of the house so i called you to open up `cos you are the only one who was in the house."he replied.
"Oh,you know i am not talking about the keys or anything else!I`m talking about HER being in the house where we are suposed to be chilin and where it was suposed to be OUR vacation!"I said pointing at Chantel who was standing right behind me.Around us was a circle made by the boys.
"Hey don`t talk like i`m not in the room?!"Chantel said coming into my face.I pushed her away by grabbing her face and roughly pushing her,making her fall on the couch behing her.
"Don`t you dare come in ma face you little bitch!Go fuck yourself on another bridge not here!`Cos this is ma perfect time!"Justin grabbed me by hips pulling me to himself laughing.`Cos he know that if i want i can kill her and finnish with it.Chantel got up form couch and stood in front of me.
"And what are you gonna do.Fuck with Justin and then leave like usual!Your perfect time?!Your perfect time is to make Justin want you,fuck you and than again go to your Fabricio!Well your gonna need to ger used to me,`cos i`m not leaving anywhere!"she crossed her arms which made me go insane.I looked at Justin that now wasn`t laughing anymore and was sad as fuck.My angry face went away when i saw that but then got back when i remembered what she said `i`m not leaving anywhere.`Well if she is not leaving then i`m leaving.I looked at her and she was so.....bitchy while lookin` at me.
"Ok.....than i`m gonna leave `cos i can`t be in the same place with you"And with that i pushed past everyone and started walking upstairs to pack my stuff,Justin was folowing behind me.I got to my room pissed and tears falling down my cheeks.I took my suitcase and started packing,Justin pulled me back into him and held me tight around my waist.
"Please don`t leave me again she`s just talking shit please i know you would never do that to me just please!"Justin said in sad tone.
"Justin,after all you have done to me in past three years i have been there to support you and you knew everything that you have done was bad really bad and now you brought HER!Not even asking me am i okay with that!This was suppost to be our weekend together so i can forgive you for everything but this have ruined everything and maybe i`m over reacting but no idiot would be okay with being in the same room with your boyfriends lover."I said,let go of Justin`s grip and continued packing.He was shot and didn`t said anything.Justin came to my side and sat behing the suitcase.We were both in dead silence and it was perfect for me to thing of what should i do.I was done with packing and Justin was just looking at me,...sad.And so i did something that i thought i would be able to handle but i oviously couldn`t hold.I stood up from the bed,walked to his side and kissed him roughly on the lips,he got suprised but then joined me and we started to make out.I pushed him on the bed and layed on top of him.His hands made their way to my ass and squezzed it.We were kissing for a while and then took of my shirt and started massaging my boobs so i took off his shirt to reveal his abs.They were so good and tasty that i couldn`t handle but touch it.I kissed his abs nicely and then moved lower and sucked harder.He then pushed me up and kissed me.The suitcase was on the bed so he pushed it down on the floor and rolled us ove so he was on top of me.He had the charge and just than again....some one interrupped us,we looked up and of course it was Chantel.Justin got up angry took my suitcase and through it on the side.
"But Justy..."Chantel was about to say something when Justin slamed the door in her face.
"JUSTY NOTHING!!"Then he calmed while i was looking at him smiling,sitting on the bef,he then locked the room door.He came to me,smiled and kissed me roughly on lips holding my cheeks so he made sure i don`t run away from him but he didn`t know that i would never do that in my life.We started where we stopped.We were in my bed tottally naked just sheets covering us.We were just in pre-game.
"U ready babe,i don`t wanna hurt ya?"Justin asked me.
"I`m ready just make love to me."
He then started going in slow.
"Go faster!"I screamed.He started going faster and faster and faster to an unhuman speed that much that i won`t be able to breath tomorrow.He flipped us over so i was on top of him,i kissed him and then started riddin` him hard.My back arched and head moved to the back.His mouth flew open and his eyes rolled to his back.It wasn`s roguh,it was gentle sex.The lights were off and windows open so that we could see each other by the moon.cold wind was blowind in us moving my long hair to the back and the sheets were almost uncovering us.I loved the was he was making me moand and his moans were so sexy.We both came at the same time and then he pulled me to his side covering me with clean white sheets.
"I love you,Angel Drew Gonzales Bieber!"
"I love you too,Justin Drew Bieber Mallette!"He kissed me one more time and then we both fell asleep.  

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