After All!!

Have you ever thought of does Justin have After all troubles that Justin made in past few months and all stuffs that happend between Justin and Selena there was the one girl that was with Justin all the time and no one knew who she was.She was his best friend girlfriend in childhood and now lover.But will she always be there and support him or look for someone who will not be ashamed to show her in public or be scared to do it?
Read the story to find out!
This story is not just about Justin it`s about Beliebers and their feelings.I feel like every Belieber have felt the feeling of not having anythin` and have been worried sick for Justin and what will happen with him.This story is for US.Beliebers.And i think you will like it because that feeling is the worst of knowing that something is wrong with Justin and i know that it`s hard.So i think you will relate with this story in the way i did.


11. Yes!

She stopped talking when i said that i loved her. Angel:I-I love you too Justin take care! And when i was about to say something she hang up.Shit but at least she admit it that she love me too.I gave phone to Za and smiled to my self knowing that she love me.                                                                                                  ***

We were now on mountain and it`s amazing,the view from the window is amazing.But i wish Angel could cuddle with me here.She called me an hour ago and said that she`s on her way to here.I think she`s gonna be here soon. Then i heardknock on the door.I stood up from the couch while Za was sleeping next to the couch where i was sitting.I oppened the door and smiled bigger that i haven`t smiled ever in my life.Angel was in front of me but not in her usual outfit.She was wearing black tight skinny jeans,black corset,long leather jacket to her knees and combat boots.She looked bad in her dark make-up and red lipstick.I looked her up and down and couldn`t believe my eyes.She wasn`t the same.She`s different.

"So are you going to invite me in or what?"she said and i looked up to her beautifull eyes brown eyes that were making an illusion like i was lookin` at my self.I smirked and moved aside so she could walk in and so she did.She got in with her suits.I took them from her and walked upstairs to her room and she followed behid me and inside of her room.That was right behind my room.I got in and put her suits behind the bed.Turn around just to see her undressing.Man that turn me on.I fighted with my feelings not to jump at her and rip her clothes.She toom off her jacket.

"You know it`s hard for me to handle myself around you know that,right?"I said lookin at her up and down.She put her hands on hips.

"Well you will have to handle your self cos` i don`t want to do anything with you."She said and walked up to her suits and opened it.Than shiny thing poped out.I smiled.Then Za screamed from downstairs and nobody was in the house.

"Angel!!!"I looked at Angel and she looked at me,we both had worried look on our faces.We ran downstairs and saw Za sittin breathless.Angel came up to him and hugged him.

"Shh,I`m here it`s okay you`re fine it just nightmare.Shh.It`s okay Zizi."She was the only one calling him like that.Since they know each other from they birth.She was trying to calm him down and she did.He calmed down and hugged her.I sat there not knowing what to say or do.He finnally calmed down and stood up pulling Angel with him.I just watched him pull her to kitchen and i followed.They both sat on chairs behind the dinner table cris cros from each other.I walked to the fridge oppened it and took out soda.I oppened it and sat down behind them.

"You can`t even imagine how much i missed you even tho it wasn`t that long i still missed.It was soooo boring without ya!"Za started.

"I missed you too.So much and you know it."She then said.I guess she will be the only girl in the house.Well at least she is used to it.She was always the best in playing basket ball even tho shes so small.She`s 160 cm tall.Witch is so small.Even on heels she can`t get my height.I remember when we used to play basket she would climb on my back to hit the rim.It was so funny and cute.

"Hey Justin HELLO someone home?"Angel screamed in my ear.I didn`t realize i was day dreaming.And i didn`t heard anything they said.I snapped out of my thoughts and looked at her smiling.

"Did you heard what i said to Za?"She said and i shoke my head.

"Okay good."She said and didn`t say anything else.I didn`t want to know cos it must be some secret that i`m not allowed to hear.So i just ignored it.

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