After All!!

Have you ever thought of does Justin have After all troubles that Justin made in past few months and all stuffs that happend between Justin and Selena there was the one girl that was with Justin all the time and no one knew who she was.She was his best friend girlfriend in childhood and now lover.But will she always be there and support him or look for someone who will not be ashamed to show her in public or be scared to do it?
Read the story to find out!
This story is not just about Justin it`s about Beliebers and their feelings.I feel like every Belieber have felt the feeling of not having anythin` and have been worried sick for Justin and what will happen with him.This story is for US.Beliebers.And i think you will like it because that feeling is the worst of knowing that something is wrong with Justin and i know that it`s hard.So i think you will relate with this story in the way i did.


18. They won`t stop ever!

I was walking down the hallaway with Za looking for Justin`s cell when i saw Angel laying on the floor.I screamed on the top of my lungs.

"ANGEL!!!!"I ran up to her with Za following.I got scared and started shaking her like crazy.
"Scooter,what is going on?!"Za yelled at me.He started criening because he is the clossest to Angel.

"I don`t know,Za i`m scared too.Go call someone to help!FAST!GO!"He ran away.I started shaking Angel again but she wasn`t moving at all.Za came back with the whole Dark Sun.I got suprised,they ran to me with worried face and scared for Angel.

"What the hell happened over here for god sake?!"Mario yelled,bending down to Angel that was laying on the hard floor looking like she`s dead.

"I don`t know we found her like this in front of this room."We then heard crying from the room that we were standing at.

"You go i`ll go what is in here.I`ll come following you!"They nobbed and left the station with Angel in Nick`s arms.I opened the room reaveling cells all over the room.I walked inside and walked closer to the cell that i was actually looking at.I came closer and saw Justin standing there crying his heart out like never.He looked at me still crying and i think he thought i was someone else from the way he looked at me.I stopped in front of him staring.

"Why are you crying?"I asked in normal tone.

"Angel broke up with me a few minutes ago."My face started to change and now i knew she fainted 'cos of sadness and all of the stress and i just wish she will be okay when she lay down in hospital.

"Scotter!"Jusitn shoke me from my thoughts.He stopped crying."Why are you so out?"

"That`s why!That`s why she is in hospital now because of you,moron!You made her sad and she fainted in front of this fucking room!God,i should kill you know"I put my head in my hands.Justins expresion changed into serious and he started shaking the cell trying to open it and screaming.

"NO!!!!!!"I started to calm him down and he didn`t want to stop.Then the principal of the station came in.He looked at me with confidence.It seem like this guy is not worried about anything.

"We are gonna let you go,Bieber!But first you are going to court...tomorrow!"He said to Justin and left.

"Scooter where is Angel in what hospital!?"

"I don`t know the Dark Sun took her away from the station 'cos you know she doesn`t like the cops or any kind of thing!"

"Please Scooter call Mario,please!Ask him if she`s okay!Please!"I sighed and took my phone out,dialed the number and he answered fex seconds later.

Me:Mario,it`s Scooter how is Angel?

Mario:We don`t know yet.The doctor says she hit her head when she fell on the floor but she`s okay nothing happend tell Justin if your with him that i`m gonna kick his ass of when he gets out.

I smiled in the phone,Justin can`t hear anything so he is waiting for me to finnish.

Me:I`ll tell him you just stay with Angel and watch her!

I hang up and Justin was still waiting.I smiled.

"She`s okay!"He exhaled in realef."She only hit her head she will be fine and also Mario is gonna kill you when you get out."I continued.

"Oh thank Lord she`s okay,my God i can relax now.Why would Mario kill me i didn`t do anything."

"Mm,i don`t know probably because YOU GOT ANGEL IN HOSPITAL YOU IDIOT!!"I yelled.I sat down on a chair behind me and singed.

"Alright,alright let`s just calm down and see what we can do to get me out of this fucking cell so i can go to MY Angel and comfort her." 

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