After All!!

Have you ever thought of does Justin have After all troubles that Justin made in past few months and all stuffs that happend between Justin and Selena there was the one girl that was with Justin all the time and no one knew who she was.She was his best friend girlfriend in childhood and now lover.But will she always be there and support him or look for someone who will not be ashamed to show her in public or be scared to do it?
Read the story to find out!
This story is not just about Justin it`s about Beliebers and their feelings.I feel like every Belieber have felt the feeling of not having anythin` and have been worried sick for Justin and what will happen with him.This story is for US.Beliebers.And i think you will like it because that feeling is the worst of knowing that something is wrong with Justin and i know that it`s hard.So i think you will relate with this story in the way i did.


17. Now you see!

We were now at airport waiting for our plane to come.Every each one from ou crew was doing something on his phone not caring of anything.

Everyone for Miami please get on the plane we are getting of the plane for 5 minutes,repeat 5 minutes.

I heard it and took my suit and called up everyone,they took their stuff and walked behind me.We go ton plane and found our seats,they were separated,i sat down next to little girl that was sitting with her mother i guess.I smiled at her and sat down next to the window,she turned to me and smiled.Her sweet voice spoke,so i looked at her.

"You are so cute,i`m Lara and a Belieber."I giggled.

"I`m Angel cuty,you like Justin Bieber?"I said.

"I love him he`s so cute but my mum says he is bad."She made sad face.

"He isn`t bad baby girl he is just growin` up you know."She turned in her sit and smiled at me.The plane started and she fell a sleep,i did too at least for an hour,isn`t a lot but enough to relax a bit.

"Angel get your ass up!"Mia screamed in my ear.I shoke my head,oppened my eyes and got up.We got of the plane and out of airport with the suits.There was more than ten of us so we needed six taxi`s,we got in,the driver turned to me,i was sitting in front.

"Where,mam?"He said full of respect.

"Miami prison,please."He nobbed and started the car.Nick and Mia were with me.He srove us to prison on another side of the street.I saw million of Belieber screaming 'Be Alright' for Justin.I pulled out my shades,payed and walked out of the car.The crew was around me.The beenie and shades were covering me so no body recognize me.We got on the central gate and pushed past everyone.The cop that was standing there looked at me.

"You need something?"I smirked.

"Better get away and open the gate."Mario said.The cop obiously got annoyed and i did too.I took of my shades and he was still the same.

"Your new for sure!"I said and got to the reception and there was and old man,looked at me and got scared.He was paralized.

"Open the gate!Now!"He oppened it that moment.I turned around to see the cop that was standing there with the crew.

"Next time when i come i want you to listen to me!"I signed everyone to start walking and they did.We walked inside of the police gate,putting my hand in my front pocket i found my phone and took it out.Dialing the number,i put my phone on ear and it started biping.He answered.Police Principal.

Principal:Principal Santos?

Me:When i come on the front door i want them open,okay?

I said with a question on the end.

Principal:Y-yes as you wish.

He said.I`m in this busniss longer than any one.Putting my phone back in pocket,we all walked up to the front door.Doors were open and i smirked.Smart.We walked in and i put my shades so nobody sees me coming inside.I looked around and saw Justin standing there while a guy was undressin him,i stood there not wanting him to see me.

"We have to stay up to the plan.Before he sees you!"said Mario.I nobbed and started walking again.We all found the Principal door,i said to everyone to wait for me outside.I got in and saw him sitting carefully placed on his leather chair.I smirked again and sat in front of him without asking.

"Oh,sit don`t worry about asking."He said full of sarcasm.

"Get that sarcasm out while your talking to me."I smiled hiding how mad am i.He got straight and looked at me now without sacrasm but with scared face.No body was there just me and Him."What d-do y-you n-need,mis Gonzales?"I smirked again.

"Good boy."I moved a little forward to look at him a bit better."Now i want you to let Justin Drew Bieber out of this stupid police staion because he is not a criminal even if he was a criminal you have never arrested me so why would you arrest some little pop guy?"I smiled.He didn`t spoke and got me mad even more,i got up and walked up to his side,one hand was on his chair other hand on the desk and my mouth to his ear."You don`t want me to get me don`t you?'Cos if i do get mad,all of your police officers are dead.Remember ACAB,my little friend.Welcome to my game from now on."

"I`m going to be out of this job soon i can let him go but there is a lot more police stations in this country and people are gonna get mad."He got nervous.

"You don`t worry about that i`m gonna take care of that now tell your police officers to let Justin Bieber fucking go!"I yelled in his ear the last part.I moved away from his ear and started walking out."Oh and open his cell i want to see him and shut the security cameras because u don`t wanna know what i`m gonna do to him."I said and walked out.The crew was  sittin,so when they saw me they got up."Going to Justin`s cell you can get out if you want i can from now alone."They all just nobbed.They walked on their own and i walked to the cell`s.I was walking past cells seeing a lot of people out there that i have putt there.I finnally got to Justin`s cell but was hiding,he was doing push-ups.I watched him and then he got up.He still didn`t see me.

"Nice push-ups,u got to thank me that i covered u,Justin!"I yelled moving the chair in front of his cell and sitting on it.He looked at me,his eyes gone wild moving closer to me.

"Angel,what are you doing here?Baby,i`m sorry!"

"Don`t u baby me,the only reason i came all the way here is because i had to announce the new game!"I smirked on the last part,seeing the police report on the desk behind me i took it.Nobody was there 'cos that smart boy made that romantic thing.Ugh!

"No,please i`m so sorry i will never do it again!We`re gonna be together again i promise!"I stood up  to his face.

"No,we`re not gonna be together again,because ur gonna be a good boy and get back to Selena!Be with her,fuck her and u will never see me again."I whispered to him.And moved the chair to the place were it was.He started to cry."Dom`t cry cos it won`t work,I swear it won`t work."i came up to him closer to his lips.Kissed them and started walking out.

"NO!!!!!....PLEASE DON`T DO THIS TO ME I SWEAR I`M GONNA BE BETTER JUST DON`T DO THIS TO ME...I`M GONNA DIE WITHOUT YOU WE ARE TOGETHER ALL OUR LIFES PLEASE JUST DON`T EVERYTHING THAT HAPPEND TO ME WAS WITH YOU,I CAN`T LIVE WITHOUT YOUR ARMS HOLDING ME AND YOUR LIPS KISSING MINE....PLEASE I BEG YOU DON`T TAKE THE BIGGEST PART OF ME AWAY!!!"He begged,tears started storming down my face with me not turning around.I cried out not letting out even a little noise,i stand there not wanting to move but i did istarted walking away and out of the room with cells.I broke down and fell on the floor pushing my self on the wall.I cried and cried.Actually i have never showed Justin who i really am.I never showed him the real Angel.My mascara got all over my face and i didn`t wipped it away,i started felling week,pain in my chest and dizzy like i`m on the drags,it would be less painfull if i am.I started to feel like i`m gonna faint and i did,i fell on the hard cold floor looking like i`m dead,i wished i was.The only thing i heard was someone screaming my name and running to me and that`s when i don`t remember of anything else.

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