After All!!

Have you ever thought of does Justin have After all troubles that Justin made in past few months and all stuffs that happend between Justin and Selena there was the one girl that was with Justin all the time and no one knew who she was.She was his best friend girlfriend in childhood and now lover.But will she always be there and support him or look for someone who will not be ashamed to show her in public or be scared to do it?
Read the story to find out!
This story is not just about Justin it`s about Beliebers and their feelings.I feel like every Belieber have felt the feeling of not having anythin` and have been worried sick for Justin and what will happen with him.This story is for US.Beliebers.And i think you will like it because that feeling is the worst of knowing that something is wrong with Justin and i know that it`s hard.So i think you will relate with this story in the way i did.


3. Livin without him!

It`s been almost two days since i left the house and i`ve been doin` good here in Strattford.I`m back as leader of Demons and so we are back on track as always.I was sleeping peacefully with Karma in my arms and then my alarm went off.Ugh,i hate when that happend.I turned it off and sat up.I took my phone of my nightstand and Karma ran out of my room.I smiled and unlocked the phone.I saw that i got two mesages and one missed call.I oppened it and looked at it.Ugh,Justin has lately been anoying.He has been callin me and textin me all the time.But i didn`t answer and this time one text was from him that i didn`t open and other from Scotter.So i oppened it.

            Scot:Hey baby girl!I just wanted to tell you that Justin has lately going crazy over you and i don`t know what to do with him.Selena don`t want to talk to him and he has been trowing some eggs on the neighboors and i think you already know that.And so police officers are trying to make Justin pay the damage that he done but we don`t know how much is it and even if we do know Justin don`t want to pay the bill.I think you could help me make him pay it.Also Pattie want to talk to you so..If you want you can call her.

That`s when it hit me.What is he trying to prove with doing it.I have to talk to him but i can`t cos` if i do i would show i`m still in love with him and i`m not.I wanted to reply to Scotter.

             Me:Hey Scott!Well i`ll see what i can do i saw it the news so yeah i will see what i can do and i`ll tell you what i done,kay?

And then i sended it.I stood up and walked to bathroom to take a shower and then i think i`ll just go see the crew.I walked out of the shower.Oh,it was so good being in hot shower.I got dressed in black tight jeans,pink baggy shirt and my leather jacket.Putt some make-up on my old make-up style.Powder,eyeline,mascara and red lipstick.I putt my hair in a high messy ponytail and walked out.I took my phone and walked out.Checked my phone and i had one message.Probably from Scotter so i oppened it.And it was from him.

             Scott:Okay,Thank you and please talk to Pattie she needs you.

I signed and replied to him. 

            Me:I will no worries.

I was in kitchen so i putt down my phone on the counter.I gave some food for Karma and then started to make my self pancakes.I finnaly made then and ate.Then i took my phone,kissed Karma and walked out of the house.Locked it and drove my self to park where we are usually meeting.I stopped the car by the park and took out my phone.While looking at it i didn`t know what to do.Should i call Pattie or Justin.So i unlocked my phone and dialed the number.

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