After All!!

Have you ever thought of does Justin have After all troubles that Justin made in past few months and all stuffs that happend between Justin and Selena there was the one girl that was with Justin all the time and no one knew who she was.She was his best friend girlfriend in childhood and now lover.But will she always be there and support him or look for someone who will not be ashamed to show her in public or be scared to do it?
Read the story to find out!
This story is not just about Justin it`s about Beliebers and their feelings.I feel like every Belieber have felt the feeling of not having anythin` and have been worried sick for Justin and what will happen with him.This story is for US.Beliebers.And i think you will like it because that feeling is the worst of knowing that something is wrong with Justin and i know that it`s hard.So i think you will relate with this story in the way i did.


8. I want you!

I wanted to go there and see who was it but then he turned around and i recodnized him at the moment.Fabricio.The most dangerous gang leader.Now,he was killing people even though i`m a leader of an gang too i still didn`t kill anyone.I smile widely and then he looked at me and smiled back.I ran to him and jumped in his arms my hands around his neck and my legs around his waist.I missed him so much we used to be toghether but nobody knew.I was so sad when i left but i had to.I was hugging him and he hugged back so tightly around my waist.

"I missed you so much,boo!"I whisper/yelled in his ear.

"I missed you more,love!"He whispered in my ear.I let go and as small i was he looked down and took my cheek still smiling.

"What are you doin` here?"He said.He was black guy with a little shaved head and super hot body that i was in love with and i still am.Don`t get me wrong i loved him for him too but his body is heaven that i had in my arms and just let it go like that.He kissed my cheek and then turned to face some guy that was i thing afraid or something when he saw me.

"Don`t you dare to come without money tomorrow!"Fabricio said and he was still lookin` at me so i was brave to come to directly to his face and when i did he got nervous even more.Which made me smirk.

"What are you lookin` at,imbecil?"I said lookin` at him straight in the eyes.

"I-I was just....looking at how beautifull you are."He said and i knew it was a lie.I felt it.I grabed him and started to shake him.

"You.Are.Lying."Then i felt a pair of hands wrap around me and i knew who was it.Tattos all over hands.Fabricio.I turned around just to see him smiling saw him smiling.

"Still same Angel,ha?You will never change."He said and i moved closer to him and on my toes to reach his face.Took it in my hands while he was holding me to not fall and looked in his eyes.

"I never change and nothing inside of me either."I said and then kissed him on lips roughly and he kissed back.I know what i did and i like it cos` i missed it.I missed his lips on mine and his hands touching my whole body.I pulled back and turned back on my normal weight.He looked down to me.

"I missed that one ya know."He said and then took my hand and we both headed outside together.We were both smiling while walking outside and he was still holding my hand.Paps were there and they caught us holding hand oviously.We got to his ferrari and hopped in and smile was still visibol on our faces.The crew stayed at club and we were now driving to his place.We got there and of course all i saw was HUGE house and i think it`s bigger than Justin`s house.He oppend the door for me and i got out.He led me to the front door and i got in first.I looked around and it was huge.I turned around to see him standing there smirking.I smirked to and got closer to him.

"What we`re goin` to do now?"He said and i wraped my hands around his neck and his hands were on my hips.I smile and he then kiss me roughly i kissed back and jumped on him with my legs around his waist.We were making out and then he started to take off my hoodie and i helped him.We were now taking clothes to each other i took his shirt off and he took chachimommas off of me and brought me to his big room and layed me on bed gettin` on top of me kissing my neck.I moaned and took of his pants leaving us both just in underwear.He was going lower and then unbutton my laced bra and took off my panties.I was smiling at him and then i saw him.Justin was on me it wasn`t Fabricio any more it was Justin and i smiled even more.He licked me and put two fingers in me.I was moaning so hard right now.I pushed him back to my face but his fingers were still fingering me.We kissed and then he took of his boxers.I was so wet and then he entered me deep inside.He pushed him self inside of me but gently.I moaned.He then stoped and looked in my eyes.

"You sure you want this."He asked me.

"Yes!"I said kissing him on lips."I want you!"



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