hey i'm Bo Miles. im 18 and I live in an orphanage. yes i know what your thinking 'why do you live in an orphanage at 18 you could move out?' well, im one of those people who dont really have a proper life and i have nowhere else to stay so i chose to still stay in the orphanage. According to miss lesiey i was put in an orphanage because my parents couldnt look after me and my twin because it was too much work. It pained me to hear that my own parents gave me up for someone else.....


8. chapter 8

 i get into louis car and we go to the orphanage, mum and dad are already there waiting for us. im just so scared, what happens if i get kicked out by louis and i have nowhere to live, what happens if he gets annoyed with me too much and ends up hating me? urghhhhhh! i worry way too much, my life goal is to not worry as much! we all walk into the orphanage and i run upstairs to pack all my stuff with louis while mum and dad sort all the paperwork out. i start packing all my stuff and memories kept flooding back to me, and they werent good ones.....


"oh my goodness, the elephants coming!" i heard people shout at me as i come down the stairs for breakfast. im only 12 and i dont know why they call me that, im not fat! or am i? i dont really know, i just wish it would stop! ive never had any friends here because everyone hates me. "urghh dont sit next to me, youve got germs!" one girl shouted then screamed then all the others did, i ended up skipping most my meals after that day, no one wanted me around so why should i be here in the first place? i ran up to my room and started crying, i smashed my mirror and grabbed a fragment of the mirror and you can guess what happened, i tried to take my life away.

*End Of Flashback*

 I feel a tear slide down my face as im zipping up my suitcase, the tears just keep flowing but i make no sound. This is the first time i have cried in a long time in just one day! i feel if you cry then it means your weak and i dont want to be known as weak. I think louis saw me crying and rushed up to me and i very quickly wipe them away but he still sees. "whats wrong bo?" he askes really concerned. 

"nothing louis, i dont know what was wrong with me, i never cry really" i lied about the first bit but not the last bit. He looks at me and i tried to give him a reassuring fake smile and it worked! i put all my stuff in my car, say goodbye to mum and dad and then louis gives me the address to the house and i was off.

it took a while to drive to louis house but when i got there i could not believe how bit it really was! i dont know either to call it a house or a mansion its that big! i wheel my suitcase up to his door and i gave 3 continuous knocks at the door. Withing 10 seconds harry was standing infront of me grabbing my suitcase while louis was dragging me into the house. "bo,bo i want to show you your room, you will love it i promise!" louis shouted really loudly in my ear. as i was dragged past i saw liam on the couch with a really pretty girl, i dont know who it is but after looking at my bedroom im going to mingle! louis had pulled me up to a door which already had my name on it, odd? and he opened it "ta-da!" he shouted in my ear. "oh my goodness, this it perfect!" i shouted and also screamed. I ran inside the room, did a twirl, ran into the walk in wardrobe, ran back out, ran into the bathroom and then jumped on my bed. i was so grateful! back in the orphanage we only really get enough room for our bed, dresser and a bedside table. i ran back downstairs and shouted "thank you boys!!!" now its my time to mingle. i walked up to the girl liam was next to and greeted her "hey, my names bo" 

"hey, im cecilie but you can call me cece" she said in such a happy tone. She had blonde hair with a tinge of beige in it and it flops to her waist, her eyes were the lightest green i have ever seen, she wears little makeup compared to me, she is so pretty, i could go on and on about her, i think we are going to be good friends!

"so are you and liam a 'thing'?" i say in a questioning tone.

"urmm i guess you could say so!" she chuckled, her thick danish accent poking through.

i saw zayns fiance over by him and being my usual self i decided to mingle with her too.

"hey, im bo" i smiled at her

"hey, im maci, its nice meting you bo" she said and before i could reply louis shouted at all of us "Truth or Dare everyone gather round!" so we all gathered d in a circle and niall went first to choose who he would do it to. "Truth or Dare...... BO!" he said. oh god, dont be a goody goody go for dare bo i was thinking to myself, i usually go for truth "DARE" i shout. 

"i......dare. you. to......."


hey guys i really hope you like it so far! well done to:

Cece loves 1D - a.k.a cece in the story, she is now liams girlfriend!

Macivotaw - a.k.a. maci, zayns fiance

Lacie Costello - a.k.a bo's bestest friend! im so sorry she isnt in the sory yet its just i need to get to a certain point before she can come in, sorry Lacie if you are reading this bit! x

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