hey i'm Bo Miles. im 18 and I live in an orphanage. yes i know what your thinking 'why do you live in an orphanage at 18 you could move out?' well, im one of those people who dont really have a proper life and i have nowhere else to stay so i chose to still stay in the orphanage. According to miss lesiey i was put in an orphanage because my parents couldnt look after me and my twin because it was too much work. It pained me to hear that my own parents gave me up for someone else.....


5. chapter 5

we got back to louis' house and we started chatting and stuff and when he went to go get me a can of beer i went online and the the top news was ' Bo Miles and Louis Tomlinson dating? is Louis Tomlinson cheating on Eleanor Calder with Bo Miles?' urghh cant people stop making shit up its so annoying! "hey louis, can you check this out quickly, it is really annoying!?" i asked him. "sure Bo ill be there one sec" 

he decides to come over to see whats wrong and i showed him and he said "dont listen to them, they dont know the story they are just sick in the head!" he said it in so much anger! i have never seen him so angry "louis how about we post online that we are twins and maybe all this romour will die down?" i asked  

"yeah sure but i dont know if they will believe us" he said 

"its worth a try i guess" 

so we both went online and wrote on twitter that we are long lost twins and we had been spending time together so we arent going out. whether they believe us or not is a different matter.

"Bo, do you want to go see mum and dad?" he asked me with a happy expression

"urmmm okay but what if they dont like me and they want me to leave?" i asked him with tears almost in my eyes. 

"im positive they will like you because i like you and im hard to please!" he said laughing.

"okay lets go!" i said just wanting to get it over and done with. 

we got into the car for our journey.

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