hey i'm Bo Miles. im 18 and I live in an orphanage. yes i know what your thinking 'why do you live in an orphanage at 18 you could move out?' well, im one of those people who dont really have a proper life and i have nowhere else to stay so i chose to still stay in the orphanage. According to miss lesiey i was put in an orphanage because my parents couldnt look after me and my twin because it was too much work. It pained me to hear that my own parents gave me up for someone else.....


3. chapter 3

i woke up and it was 9:30! i have to be there in half an hour! i put my faded pink hair into a high messy ponytail and chucked some high waisted shorts on with a cropped top saying 'hipsta please', grabbed some converses and went. i wrote on my hand a reminder to buy some more

hair dye as its fading again. I was at starbuck 10 minuets late and they were there waiting for me. Great this really isnt a great first impression! 

"hey im so so so sorry im late i kinda overslept, i feel so so bad!" i said in a sad tone.

"hey its alright bo dont worry" louis and harry said at the same time

i greeted all of them as i knew all of their names as they are my idols. harry pulled me over and said " can you tell me how we saved your life please?!"

he looked so desperate to know so i said "harry, i dont want to say it in public, its something i dont shout out." 

"oh okay, so would you tell us all if you came to our flat?"

"urm yeah i guess but before we go i have to get my pink hair dye!"

"okay aha, oh and by the way i love the colour of your hair and your cheek piercings!" 

i felt the redness on my cheeks turn red "urmm thanks!"

and we left to go to the store then to their house! 

~their house~ 

"so bo whats whats been going on how did we save your life?" niall said. hes always acting so cute and all, i love it! but still it was the convo i had been dreading for a while but i had to tell them sometime soon.

"so here it goes" i whisper to myself

"so basicaly i live in a orphanage still and i found out 6 years ago that i had a twin but he got to stay with my real parents. They chose him over me because they couldnt handle twins so i kinda took it out on myself. i thought it was all my fault that they diddnt want me so i did some really stupid stuff, and i mean stupid stuff. I used to cut for three years, i starved myself until i became so unwell that i was put in a coma and food was forced through me to help me live and a couple of times i had tried to commit suicide but it never worked and i always survived. Then i heard about you guys, you made me feel beautiful and nothing can ever be my fault, you made me feel like i was loved by you even know you never knew me, you made me happy. so i changed my ways, stop cutting, i ate normally and i never have attempted  suicide since that day. you are my life....." i said as tears threatened to spill from my eyes "also my parents had my last name changed so i couldnt find my twin brother, oh how i wish he was here right now" 

The boys had gone pale and looked like they were going to cry, then louis said "hang on bo, my mum told me i had a twin sister but she was somewhere else also that her name was changed, do you think it could be you?" 

i was in shock.

"i d-dont k-know..."



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