hey i'm Bo Miles. im 18 and I live in an orphanage. yes i know what your thinking 'why do you live in an orphanage at 18 you could move out?' well, im one of those people who dont really have a proper life and i have nowhere else to stay so i chose to still stay in the orphanage. According to miss lesiey i was put in an orphanage because my parents couldnt look after me and my twin because it was too much work. It pained me to hear that my own parents gave me up for someone else.....


2. chapter 2

I saw fricking one direction in victoria's secret! what are they doing in here? My heart started thudding as louis and harry came walking up to me.....

"hey, we need some help, my girlfriend has asked me to come down here and buy her a couple of bras and pants as she is ill and she needs them and we dont know what to get so can you help us pick? shes a 34B." Louis freaking Tomlinson said to me! 

"urrm... y-yeah s-sure i n-need to g-get some myself" i stuttered 

They both looked at me and laughed. I smiles at them and started searching though the rails in mine and louis girlfriends size. i can tell you im not small im fairly large in boobs and weight. I picked up a couple of bras for me and his girlfriend and i asked "whats your girlfriends name?" 

he replied with a laugh and said "eleanor. eleanor calder"  and he took one of the pile of bras out of my hands into his. Then it hit me, he had taken my pile not eleanors! "wait! you have got mine not eleanors!" 

He looked at the size then laughed "haha 34E" oh my goodness! i cant believe he shouted that out! i went as bright red as a tomato. 

"can i have mine back please?" i asked trying not to get frustrated

"sure. if you give me your number!" harry shouted. typical harry!

"okay just give them back!

i gave him my phone as he punched the numbers into it and sent a text to himself through my phone and louis gave back my bras. I gave him eleanors bras and payed for mine. Harry came up to me and whispered "i like girls with big boobs" 

i shivered at his breath and i whispered back " i thought you were my idols.." and i walked off.

*skip drive home to the orphanage*

i cant believe what had just happened. Harry bloody Styles tried talking dirty to me! I liked harry the most but i liked louis as like a bestie if you got me. While interupting my thoughts my phone beeped. It was hary. Speaking of the devil!

harry- hey i diddnt quite catch your name at the store, whats your name beautiful?xx

me- my name is bo, why do you act like you did in the store, you guys are my idols and i never see you say stuff like that before? you changed my life completely! 

harry- urrmm i guess you make me that way. Thats sooo nice that u think that about us guys and what do you mean that the boys and me changed your life? if u dont wanna talk bout it over text then meet up with us at starbuck tomorrow at 10? xx

me- you wont understand no one ever does, okay ill speak to you tomorrow at 10. night! :)

harry- night beautiful! xx

and with that i went to bed and it felt like i fell into darkness.



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