hey i'm Bo Miles. im 18 and I live in an orphanage. yes i know what your thinking 'why do you live in an orphanage at 18 you could move out?' well, im one of those people who dont really have a proper life and i have nowhere else to stay so i chose to still stay in the orphanage. According to miss lesiey i was put in an orphanage because my parents couldnt look after me and my twin because it was too much work. It pained me to hear that my own parents gave me up for someone else.....


1. chapter 1

bo's p.o.v

its an ordinary day in lakeside orphanage. I was sitting in my room strumming chords on my guitar thinking of songs to write but i gave up and decided i should do something fun! I dont have any friends because no one in the orphanage likes me so i just stick to my own business and i cant get hurt! i had saved up my paycheck from work so i can  go on a shopping spree! ive got about £500 to spend which im happy with so i can but myself some more clothes,shoes and musical instruments. I grab the keys for my car and head out. While i was driving i was thinking about meeting my twin in person and all i know is that he lives in this country and he doesn't even have the same last name as me anymore! well i dont have the same last name, mine got changed so they couldnt track me down. i have like 1 in a billion chance of finding him and knowing my luck it wont happen. anyway i stop thinking about my brother as soon as one direction came on the radio! they are my idols they changed so much about me i've been a new me for three years just because of them i dont cut i dont starve myself either anymore. They changed me. After daydreaming i realized i was already at the shopping center. I took my keys out of the ignition and walked into the shopping center. First i saw primark and i went in there to find myself some cocktail dresses and some casual dresses. I found some beautiful shoes 2 pairs of heels, 4 pairs of look- alike converses and some flats. I also bought 2 pairs of high waisted jeans, 1 pair of high waisted shorts, 5 cropped tops and 1 lazy jumper. The last shop i went to was victoria's secret and guess who i saw in there? one direction............


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