The Final Year at Hogwarts

It's James Potter's last year at Hogwarts.


3. The Arrival at Hogwarts

The rain battered the students when they got off the train so with hoods up and cloaks tightly rapped around them the boys ran to the carts and took their seats.

"Why is it always raining?" said Sirius pushing his now sodden hair out of his eyes.

"It isn't always raining" said a snide voice

"I'm not sure we actually asked you Sniverly" replied Sirius looking at Snape in mild disgust. Sevorus Snape was a thin, gangly boy. He had slimy black hair that often stuck to the side of his face. His eyes were dark and sharp and they seemed to have sunk deep into his jagged skull. His mouth was always downturned which made it look like even when he was happy, he was sad.

"You really should tame your pet James. He seems to be getting out of control" with this comment from Snape, Sirius dived across the cart and with a clenched fist walloped Sevorus' face.

"Sirius!" shouted James as he tried to pull his friend off the Snape. This proved difficult, partially because of the jerky movement of the cart and because Sirius was thrashing about like he was frantically trying to swim through the air.

"Calm down" grunted Remus as he restrained Sirius. Although Remus was a little worn down he was still the strongest of the four friends. He was not quite as tall as Sirius but he was more muscular.Not that you would know it as unlike Sirius and James he wore rather unfitted clothing that made him look small and weak.

"That temper of yours will get you in trouble one day Sirius" Snape said as he nursed his bleeding nose.

"Thanks Sniverly I'll keep that in mind" grunted Sirius

"Leave him alone Sirius" Shouted James. The members of the cart turned to face James. It was hard to tell who was more surprised by this act of kindness, Sirius or Snape? The rest of the journey was suffered in silence but after a few minuets the horseless carts rolled to a holt and the boys jumped out gathering their bags. The castle loomed ahead of them. Its towers and turrets got lost in the cloudy night sky and all that was visable were the windows that shone through like stars. It was a magnificent sight. The great oak doors stood before them and as the students began approaching the castle they swung scilently open. James filed in along with other pupils stairing at the mighty Marble Staircase and the Hall of Pictures of every famous witch or wizard in the wrorld. To his left stood the Great Hall. James could practicly taste the immense spread that would magically appear in frount of him when the sorting had finished.

"Older students. If you could quickly place your things in your dormitories and come back down to the Great Hall, the sorting will begin." The students split. The Gryffindors and the Ravenclaws went up the Marble Staircase towards their towers. The Slitherins and the Hufflepuffs turned right where the Slitherins would follow a staircase to the Dungeons and a little further on the Hufflepuffs would head down to their cosy Common Room near the kitchens.

"Same beds?" asked Peter as he entered the circular dormitory where four impressive beds draped in crimson curtains awaited four tired bodies.

"Of course" said Sirius as he jumped on to his four poster nearest the window.

"I'm going to need a bigger bed" said Remus as he squished his feet in against the foot of the bed. James chuckled and looked out the window on to the grounds that surrounded them.

"What were you playing at earlier, defending Sniverly?" pondered Sirius

"I figured if Lily's going to give me the time of day then I'm going to have to lay off the Snake for a while" replied James begrudgingly.

"But James. She chose him" said Sirius

"As a friend!" Argued James

"As a friend or not. Snape gave her the choice and she chose to remain friends with him rather than you!" pointed out Remus.

"Only because I was being horrible to Snape which I am not going to do anymore"

"But what if she doesn't forgive ..."

"She will forgive me!" Said James finally pulling his eyes away from the view and facing the room. "She has to forgive me." The four boys gazed at each other for a brief moment.

"You're right" said Sirius "you and Lily are made for each other" he went on honestly "and if getting her back means ignoring Snape then do it. Anyway, I can just about manage to be mean for the both of us!" sniggered Sirius as he encouragingly slapped James on the back. James laughed and shook his head but felt it would take some time to convince Sirius that what they had been doing to Snape these past years was wrong, and now was not the time. He took off his damp cloak to reveal his pristine black school robes, then the boys trooped out of the dormitory in to the busy common room where they made polite conversation with timid second years. They then found themselves on the moving staircases which thankfully did not move. After this they retuned to the Entrance Hall and finally, the Great Hall. The Great Hall was a vast room but considering its size it was surprisingly comfortable. It had many roaring fires which made the stormy night seem miles away. At the end of the room on a slightly raised platform was the staff table where the teachers sat and behind them where the house points collectors which were huge statues of the symbols of each house: the lion, the snake, the eagle and the badger. James and his friends took their seats at the Gryffindor house table and listened to the sorting welcoming the first years. After this Dumbledore stood, raised his glass to the students and said "to all of you, have a wonderful year. Now, let's eat. " the tables filled with every type of food imaginable. There were piles of ice cream that reached three feet high and masses of meat, vegetables and the crispiest roast potatoes know to man or beast.

"Sirius where did you go over the summer, after you left mine I didn't hear anything from you?" asked James taking a huge bite out of a chicken wing.

"Oh, I went to Norway to work with some Norwegian Ridgeback's with my friend Rolf. It was great. Though I got a pretty nasty burn from a nesting mother" he raised his robe and revealed a bright red burn on his upper arm.

The whole of the table were in awe of Sirius' tales of dragons and demons. "... and then we got to the top of the mountain and this huge dragon swooped down and landed just feet away. It was just me and Rolf so we pulled out our wands and used Conjunctivitis on it..."

"He's in his element" said Remus quietly

"he sure is" said James smirking at the growing crowd around Sirius. "So Remus how is your... furry little problem?" said James as he scanned the room to make sure no one was listening.

Remus looked exasperated. "Troublesome to say the least. I'm exhausted and my father's still not happy with me being in the house. I recon he thought that I would have somehow grown out of it by now."

"grown out of it ? said James "turning in to a warewolf isn't exactly something you can "grow out of! "

"I know that and so does he really. He just cant bare the thought of having an animal for a son. I'm a shameful creature James. Always will be." Said Remus looking down at the half eaten steak on his plate.

"Don't put yourself down Remus! You're a fantastic wizard and your old man couldn't have wished for much better."

"Thanks" Remus said shyly. Moony wasn't used to compliments and always found it rather embarrassing if anyone did praise him but James thought if ever he needed to be encouraged then now was the time. "So whats the plan to get Lily back then?" Remus said suddenly, trying to lift the mood.

"I don't know if their is a plan yet. I've just got to play it cool " replyed James

"Well don't look now but she is actually walking over" said Remus quietly. James froze. Oh no, he thought, what I am I going to say. OK, ok calm down. Make a joke. No, no, no not a joke. Jokes aren't cool. Say something about the amazing summer you had. Noooo, I didn't do anything good. Say a fact, yeah a really interlectual fact, something that no one will know. " Did you know that a kneezel is actually ....."

"What are you on about?" asked Remus looking concerned

"urrmmm" replied James. He turned around. Lily had been and gone.

"Honestly James that was the weirdest thing. You sort of zoned out for a minute. I'm pretty sure you started dribbling!" James faced Remus for a moment then planted his head firmly on the table in self loathing. A nasty squelshing sound was then produced. James sat back up again. Remus began howling with laghter and before James knew it the whole Gryffindor table was rolling around at the sight of the imfermous James Potter; captain of the quidditch team, duelling extraordinaire; covered, in a very colourful assortment of ice cream.

"I'm going to bed !" said James wiping his face, and without another word, he stalked out of the Great Hall. The merry screams of laughter still ringing in his ears.

He sat listening to the radio in the Common Room for hours. It was about 11 when the others came up and by that time they had all forgotten about the ice cream incident. They headed up to the dormitory talking, laughing and eating Honey Dukes sweets.

"Goodnight James"

"Night Sirius"

"Goodnight Peter"

"Goodnight Sirius"

"Goodnight Rem..."

"Shut up Sirius!"



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