The Final Year at Hogwarts

It's James Potter's last year at Hogwarts.


2. A Surprising Gift

The boys had settled in to their compartment and were engrossed in a rather heated conversation about Qudittch. Remus loved Quidditch, it was one of the few times James ever saw him excited but he couldn't play to save it his life and admired James greatly for his skill on the pitch.

"Lupin you are out of your mind England had no hope, even if Stewart had scored that open goal we still would have been down by fifty."

"I'm not putting all the blaim on him if only Dockery hadn't fallen for that Wronski Feint ..."

"Oh come on that was some of the best play in Quidittch I had seen in years." James insisted "Now I'm going to the loo and when I get back I'm going to tell you why Ireland should have won."

"Ireland will never win the Quiddtch World Cup James, that is something you will just have to realise" laughed Remus as James slipped out of the compartment. It then occurred to James that now would be a great time to talk to Lily, she wouldn't have prefect duties because it's lunch time and everyone will be in their compartments. But what would he say? James began trying to think of everything that she told him on those long hot summer's days of walking the Hogwarts grounds. Everything about her sister and her home and all about life as a muggle and oh yes who could forget Sniverly. It's not like they are even that close anymore, thought James as he looked into the compartments for that flash of red hair. Ever since he confessed that he was madly in love with her she's found him a bit weird. Understandable of course the boy is totally mad. I don't have a problem with him anyway. Its he who has the problem with me. Thought James. Its not my fault if people laugh at him because he sits on his own all day reading about potions that make your hair go green. No, thought James I can't say that , from now on I have to do my very best to keep out of the way of Sniverly...I mean Severus. 

Suddenly James turned sharply. He thought he heard a loud crack but the corridor was deserted so he continued his under the breath mumberlings about Severus Snape. Then a swishing sound prompted James to turn again except this time he tripped and before he knew it he was face down in the middle of the corridor. A group of third years in the compartment next to James were giggling at him.

"Thanks!" said James sarcastically as he swiftly got up and brushed himself down. "Professor?" Said James now noticing who was standing in front of him. "Professor Dumbledore I didn't know you took the train?"

"Oh no dear boy I don't normally. I came to speak to you." said the wise man now standing in front of James. Professor Dumbledore was the sort of man that you knew was intelligent the moment you looked at him. James wasn't sure if it was his brilliant blue eyes, his wonderfully kept beard or his half moon spectacles placed magnificently at the tip of his nose that made him seem this way. All he knew was that Professor Dumbledore was a brilliant man.

"Really?" said James astounded at the thought that the headmaster would want to talk to him. Apart from of course if James were in trouble but he thought it unlikely that professor Dumbledore would have joined the train just to tell him off and anyway, James was almost certain that he hadn't broken any rules so far this year.

"Yes , really" said Dumbledore clearly amused."I apperated onto the train a few moments ago but you seemed to be in very deep thought and I didn't want to disturb you but I am afraid I must do now as it is quite urgent I get back to Hogwarts so..." said Dumbledore "here is why I came." Dumbledore held before him as large pile of folded cloth.

"My invisibility cloak!" said James astounded to see it.

"Yes Mr Potter, your invisibility cloak. I think it only fair that I return it to you now, it being your final year at school. It was rather unfair of me to take it from you in your first year and I will be writing to your father to thank him for allowing me to hold on to it these past years. It has proved extremely useful so thank you... but James" added Dumbledore "use it well. You cause enough trouble around school without the aid of invisibility."

James smirked childishly. "I will sir. I promise."

"Right well, have a wonderful year and try to stay out of trouble young man....Oh and James" said professor Dumbledore "I believe Miss Evans is towards the front of the train tending to some first years."

"Oh..." said James amazed at his headmasters talent for knowing what one is thinking. "Thank you sir."

It seemed futile to bother Lily now, especially if she was with the first years. Sirius may have become bored by the girls he was with and so would be with Remus and Peter so James thought it would be best to head back to his own compartment. On the way however, he bumped in to many old friends that he hadn't seen over the long summer and got sucked in to tedious conversations about where they went on holiday. By the time he had reached his friends the sun was slowly sinking below the horizon and a wonderful chill of excitement spread through James' body, as he knew they would be arriving soon.



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