The Final Year at Hogwarts

It's James Potter's last year at Hogwarts.


1. A Familiar Journey

James Potter stepped out onto the steam shrouded platform and a familiar sight of bustling parents and excited children met his eyes. He walked through the crowds, chuckling at the first years struggling with their trunks and remembered his first journey to Hogwarts and his fear of leaving home, but Hogwarts was his home now. It seemed odd to James that it would be the last time he would make this journey but as he made his way along the platform he saw four people that made any worries he had float away. Standing ahead of him was Sirius Black, Remus Lupin, Peter Pettagrew and Lily Evans.

"Hello" shouted James. The four people turned their heads and immediately Sirius, a tall rugged boy with curly black hair, sprinted towards him and embraced James in a hug.

"Hello mate, looking well!" Sirius said

"Not looking too bad yourself old boy. Growing out a beard are we" said James noticing the uneven stubble on his best friends face.

"Yep, looks good eh?"

"It looks ridiculous" said Remus, as he sauntered towards James and shook his hand. "Good to see you James."

"And you Remus" said James noticing that his friend had become rather thin over the summer and his hair, although full had turned an unpleasant greyish brown. It seemed that the change was beginning to take its toll.

"It doesn't look ridiculous, does it?" Sirius asked

"It really, really does." laughed Remus, playfully pushing Sirius out of his way.

"Hello Peter" said James cheerfully." How are you?"

"Oh, oh very well thanks James." Peter had not really changed since his first year at Hogwarts. He was still a small round creature with beedy eyes and a lack of any originality, but he was loyal and that's what James liked.

"How's Lily?" asked James trying to sound casual. Lily had not joined the boys in the affectionate welcome that James had received. This was not surprising.

"Not bad... " said Sirius sounding distracted as a group of rather pretty sixth years were passing. "If you don't mind boys I'll catch up with you later" Sirius said, darting after them.

"Pathetic" said Remus. "Fancy getting a compartment James, the train will be pulling out soon."

"Sure" said James a little annoyed that the conversation about Lily had ended so abruptly. If he could just talk about what happened last year, just explain then things would be better. Things would go back to normal.








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