That one boy

Rose is just an ordinary girl but when she sees the most beautiful boy in her life things change. Will she get him or will Denley? What does she have to do to get him ? She begins her journey of teenage life:drugs, sex , boys. But is she ready for this change? And will her effort me worth it in the end?


3. that boy

We entered the school gates when suddanly I saw the most beautiful boy. He was leaning on the school wall;smoking. He inhaled the black smoke with his large lips. He glared with his emerald eye at the smoke which was swirling into the air making mesmerising patterns. His jet black hair covered his eyes he flicked it away every so often. My eyes were fixed on him. A gush of wind blew up his top revealing his perfect abbs. He saw me staring I moved my eyes down quick ;blushing.

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