Keep with the Clan

This is your clan. Put your character in the comments and I will add you into the allegiances.


6. Chapter 2

"Mum they smell funny!"

"Please tell me we're not sharing the nursery with them?"

"They'll be mousebrained and take the best nests!"

"Little ones please! This is no way to greet vistors even if they're... well not Clanborn. Welcome Silverspirit to Thunderclan! And this little one is Vixenkit, no? She is 4 moons, no?"

"I'm five moons!"

"Your not going to survive the winter! Look how little she is!"

"Dustkit! Go and give freshkill to the elders! That is not something you must say!"

The grey and black she-cat gave the kit a hard smack round the head with her paw. The little ginger she-kit trailed out her tail making a track in the dust.

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