No , I'm not related to LIAM PAYNE

A girl called Malak Payne. Her parents got divorced. everyone in her school thinks that she is related to LiamPayne. in a concert Liam saw a fan holding a poster on it says ( i know your sister )


1. when it all started

Malak 's pov.                                                                                Malak Payne ?  the teacher asked l raised my hand. a girl asked me are you related to LiamPayne from one direction. Here we go again everyday everyone asks the same question the answer is still NO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i hate to be in someone or that Liam's shadow.  (p.s) sorry about the hate I LOVE LIAM ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡ [ NEXT MORNING ] i wokeup from my peaceful dream then it turned in to a nightmare full of shouting mums & ghosts behind them ,then i put my hands on my ears saying la la la la my mum  told me : you have 5 minutes to take a shower so,i took a quick shower and wore my clothes then started thinking about London & leaving my mum ,friends suddenly my mum yelled : come help me ! i went downstairs but i didn't see my mother but, then i spotted my mum out side next to the car so,i headed out of the house to find my mum putting my suitcases in the car I thought where is my breakfast ? suddenly,my mum said : you will eat at the plane I was surprised and said : did u just read my mind ? she said : yes [ 2 HOURS LATER ] I got out of the car and gave my mum a kiss and hug ,then headed to the plane. I sat in my place & just my luck LIAM PAYNE was next me. Then he broke the silence & asked me : are you a fan ? i answered : do i look like a medal thing that we use in the summer ? i'm pretty sure i'm a human bean ! Then he laughed sarcasticly, then he hit me with questions the 2nd question was do you know one direction ? i answered and it turned into a question : who are they ? the 3rd question is : do you like me ? i blushed and said OFCOURSE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  the 4th & most cutest question is : wanna be my girlfriend ? he winked when he said GIRLFRIEND i blushed again and said : yes ! yes ! a thousand times yes ! Then a curly hair, green eyed guy came and said : liam, is everything okay ? is this adorable girl a fan ? i blushed and said : who are you ? I'M Harry Styles from one direction  he  said ohh your from that band. then how do you know Liam ? i sighed and said : at school everyone thinks that i'm liam's sister and because i'm MALAK PAYNE they think i'm Li Li's sister and , KNOW WE'RE BOYFRIEND & GIRLFRIEND and Harry just froze and then Liam looked at me and said : you  aready have a nickname for me thanks babe xoxoxox i stared at him and said ahhhhhhhhhh you called me BABE !!!!!! Liam said : wanna come with us on tour ? then 3 adorable teenage boys came and the purple haired one is : NIALL HORAN the black haired one is : ZAYN MALIK the brown haired one is : LOUIS TOMLINSON so they 3 asked the same question in the same time. the question was are you related to LIAM PAYNE ? i said : yes all eyes we're on me i said : what ? i'm his GIRLFRIEND then Liam said : i wove you & you are all mine mack i said : ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh i like it Mack & Li Li sitting on a tree k i s s . . ing first comes LOVE then comes MARRIAGE then comes A BABY IN A BABY CARRIAGE then Liam said : that is true and i just want it to happen ! then i said : is this one direction ?  then Liam said : yes, & speaking about one direction what about  going with us on tour ? i just froze and Liam said : Earth to Malak then i gave a kiss to Liam on the cheek. Zayn,Harry,Niall,Louis froze till me and Li Li noticed and said the same question in the same time ! the question was : what ? Niall said : you kissed Liam da ! then harry said : i thought you liked me then Zayn said : but you are so adorable Louis then shouted in my ear : but you are irresistible then all of them laughed ecxept me then liam explained that they made a song called : irresistible so then i said : First Niall i'm dating Liam then Niall pouted i said : Zayn, i think i'm not going to tour with you ! Then Liam said : what ? why ? noooooooooooooo! i said because my dad i mean step - dad is in london and i'm living with him then Harry said : no,live with us all of them agreed i said who can i tell my dad my phone is not working  Liam said : please ! please ! with suger on top !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i said : i can stay with you for a few days they all agreed i'm bored let's play a game. louis screamed in my ear again i swear this boy is a noise machine he screamed let's play truth or dare ? i said : i don't  wanna play i have heard about your dares but let's play truth or dare. louis said me first me first ! i said : okay. He scanned everyone was playing i didn't know why i know he will pick me then he said : Malak i wasn't surprised he said : truth or dare i chose truth he said : who do you like the most in this game i said : my BOYFRIEND they all said ecxept me & Liam :you are the soul of my heart & you will always have a place in my heart. i blushed and said : aahhhhhaahhh you guys are so sweet. Liam said : you take all my heart and you can share a room with me. i said : okay  [ AT ONE DIRECTION'S HOUSE ]  i un packed my suitcases when i finished i turned around to see a shirtless Liam & i stared at him, then Liam said : Hey, staring is rude i said : well then put on a shirt  Li Li. Liam put on a shirt then i went to the bathroom then somebody came in with a brush i looked from the glass it was Harry then he asked me a stupid question : are you taking a shower inside ? i said sarcasticly : no, i'm haunting zebras wanna join he said : sure I said : get out Harold then he said : i can't find my toothpaste can i brow your 's i said : fine, know get out ! he said : but, i want to haunt zebras. i said : get out Harry ! i said while pointting at the door  he got i finished and headed to Liam's room so i wore my pyjamas quickly and went to the kitchen and saw Louis making Pancakes i saw him and i yelled : I LOVE YOU LOUBEAR I LOVE YOU I LOVE YOU !!!!!!! he said : why ? i yelled again : CAUSE YOU MADE PANCAKES !!!!!!!! then he said : i didn't make them Liam did i 'm just mixing it for him !!!!!! I went to Liam's room and said : did you make the pancakes ? he said : yes, why ? i said : i love pancakes he said : wanna sleep with me in the same bed ? i said : okay but no touching then he said : that's not fair i said : life isn't fair He said : wanna be my cuddle buddy ? i said : ofcourse Li Li [ AT NIGHT ] i went to sleep next to Liam he gave me a hug while sleeping that was hard for him because i would take off something i'm wearing every 5 seconds when i woke up all the boys we're staring at me i said : what ? then Liam covered my body with a towel. I went to the bathroom and took of the towel to find my self only in my underwear. i was so embaressed that i cried in the bathroom when i got out Liam saw me whining he gave me a hug and asked me : why are you whining ? ( IF YOU WANT TO KNOW WHAT WILL MALAK SAY READ THE NEXT CHAPTER AND DON'T FORGET TO COMMENT )



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