Forever Young

Makenzie is a normal 17 year old girl, but what happens when she walks home from school because her brother forgot to pick her up? Will her life be the same after that day? Find out in Forever Young


4. Who and What?!?

Kenzie's POV

recap;'' Well Makenzie this might sound crazy but your our..........

Mate.'' I asked them "What is a mate?'' They all looked at me then at each other. Louis or should I say Swagmasta Said'' Well you see every vampire has a mate like a soul mate but you live forever. Vampires are very protective over there mate, like they can't be away from them for a long time or else they will get very protective and go look for there mate.'' ''Ok go on'' ''When they find there mate they will try to mate with you.'' ''ok what is that?''Well louis i think you should tell her cause your the oldest.'' Zayn said.

''Ok well the vampire or what people call us blood suckers mate to see which one of us is your mate. By mateing we have to bite your neck and drink some of your blood then we will bite our own wrist and you have to drink our blood. When your done drinking our blood you will get a sign on your wrist which  tells us what you feel. One of us will get a sign that is a tree which means that you feel you can trust him the most out of all of us.'' Ok so your saying i have to live here for the rest of my life because I'm your guesses ''mate''.''Yes'' How do you choose?''You'll have to do challenges while you live here''..... (dun dun duhhhhhhhh)


I know your all wondering whats the challenges she has to do well you'll have to read and find out bye my little narwhals:)



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