Forever Young

Makenzie is a normal 17 year old girl, but what happens when she walks home from school because her brother forgot to pick her up? Will her life be the same after that day? Find out in Forever Young



Kenzie's POV

I woke up the next day and was found on the ground.Right when I was about to ask Louis, I got up and saw he was in the middle of the bed.''louis?'' i asked in a whisper, no answer'' Louis'' in more of a house voice, still no answer ''LOUIS WILLIAM TOMLINSON GET UP!!!!!'' i yelled, he shot right up and was panicking and started to look around the room till he saw me'' you didn't have to yell you now right?!" "Yes i did because i said it 3 times and you wouldn't answer'' ''ok well what do you wa.....why were you on the floor?'' ''OH I DONT KNOW MAYBE CAUSE YOU HAVE THAT STUPID VAMPIRE STRENGTH AND YOU PUSHED ME OFF IN YOUR SLEEP AND I HIT THE FLOOR AND BLACKED OUT!'' ''oh'' ''yeah...... i'm going to go down and eat breakfast ok?'' I asked '' Yeah i'll be down in a minute'' Before i could walk anywhere there was a knock on the door. Zayn came out of his room and ran vampire speed down and answered the door. I saw a girl that had long brown hair with blonde highlights and was wearing a batman shirt with a batman beanie like mine i had bought along time ago with dark blue skinny jeans with black converse. I got interrupted by Zayn introducing me to her ''Hey Makenzie come down here I need you to meet someone'' I walked down stair's. ''Makenzie meet Taylor she's one of my best friends as you can see the fact shes wearing batman clothes'' ''Hi'' i said as quiet as a whisper.''Hi my names Taylor'' then she backed up and i saw.........(dun dun duhhhhhh)

Hi hahaha im evil for leaving cliffhangers but it went good with the situation so i put one anyway BYE BYE BATMAN AND ROBIN'S:)

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