Forever Young

Makenzie is a normal 17 year old girl, but what happens when she walks home from school because her brother forgot to pick her up? Will her life be the same after that day? Find out in Forever Young


7. Oh Noo Louis!

Kenzie's POV

recap;Before I could ask him a question I was in the room I was in before but there was something or someone in the bathroom.......

I was about to fall asleep when i saw i think it was louis came out of the bathroom.....shirtless, and then I fell asleep

Louis POV

I was in the shower and heard my door open and close, right now I didn't care who or what it was so i didn't pay attention to it. I got out of the shower and got dressed and walked out of my bathroom in my room. I was about to put my dirty clothes in my bin when i noticed Makenzie was in the middle of my bed asleep. I was wondering who put her in my bedroom and then Zayn sent me a mind message and told me he put her in my room cause they all went out to hunt. I was tired and so I went to the left side of the bed and wasn't thinking obviously and i pushed her more than I wanted to and she flew and hit the wall. "OWwwww what was that fo... umm louis where's your shirt?''

I looked down and forgot I didn't put on a shirt and so i said ''Oh umm I was just in the shower and forgot and umm about your head i was trying to lay down and i pushed you and wasn't thinking and you got flew off the bed and to the wall cause i forgot about my strength I have sooooo yeah.'' ''Oh ok'' while she said that she got up and crawled under the covers and went to sleep. ''Goodnight Swagmasta from Doncaster'' she said. "Goodnight Kenzieloohoo''And then i fell asleep.


SEE I didn't leave you with a cliffhanger OHHHHHH YEAHHH B

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