Forever Young

Makenzie is a normal 17 year old girl, but what happens when she walks home from school because her brother forgot to pick her up? Will her life be the same after that day? Find out in Forever Young


6. Niall problems

Niall's POV (i now weird)

recap; Makenzie walked down the stair's with Zayn with her and into the kitchen


Oh my god... I forgot I ate all the pizza I totally forgot about Makenzie. After she was done listening to my silent answer she stomped in the liveing room and asked me again.'' NIALL JAMES HORAN WHERE IS THE PIZZA!!''

'' W-why do y-y-you expect i-it w-was m-me?'' ''Oh I dont know maybe cause Zayn told me you were making pizza and he said you probably ate it all by then and you have pizza sauce all over your face!''I answered ''I-I-In m-my s-s-stomach..." ''And why isn't there any left Niall?!?'' "Because I ate it all?'' And why did you eat it all?" "Because I was Hungry''

By now all of the boys were on the ground dieing of laughter."But I will make YOU a pie and it will be YOUR pie not MY pie YOUR pie.'' ''Well I do like pie so sure why not I'll help make it.''Ok let's get started!''

*after the pie making and eating*

Kenzie's POV

I was done eating my piece of pie i had ate and yawned. Zayn walked in and said'' Well someone's tired let's go to bed.. come with me'' Before I could ask him my question I was in the room i was in before but there was something or someone in the bathroom........


OK so your probably mad at me for all the cliffhangers but i think it gives a point for you guys to read it and find out so i pinky promise the next chapter won't have a cliffhanger......BYE BYE MY LITTLE TACOS..:)

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