Forever Young

Makenzie is a normal 17 year old girl, but what happens when she walks home from school because her brother forgot to pick her up? Will her life be the same after that day? Find out in Forever Young


10. Liam's challenge

Kenzie's POV

I got out of the shower and changed into the clothes Liam picked out. The shirt was blue, redish orange and white and there were black leggings. I walked out of Louis's room and headed down to the kitchen and then walked to the back door and stepped outside. I looked for Liam and didn't see him so i went to go sit beside a rock but couldn't because Liam was in my way.

He said ''Makenzie this is your challenge for me. You have 5 minutes to figure out my powers or else Brittne will be dropped in shark infested waters!GO!!!!''

Before i could ask him a question he was gone, I started to panic but Liam then came back and said "Makenzie relax don't worry about Brittne concentrate on what my powers are breathe in and out and just concentrate."and then he left.

I looked around and saw Liam by the water and he was concentrating and staring at the water I was think and I saw he was controlling the water and he was lifting it out of the water. I had and idea and shouted "LIAM IS IT ELEMENTS?!"He then dropped the water and ran somewhere else. I looked around and saw he was beside a huge tree surrounded by smaller trees. He looked at me then he started to concentrate on the tree like he did to the water.

The tree's branches started to move then they came and picked me up a pushed me against the tree and then let me go, I fell when the tree let go though.I got up slowly and looked around. I saw Liam beside a whole bunch of bushes and then they started to move like the tree.

They started to reach out and then they grabbed me. I was up against the bush and was struggling to get out and then I got an idea on what his power was and yelled "LIAM IS IT NATURE?!?"then the bushes let me go.

Liam was beside me in no time and he said "Kenzieloohoo you did it I knew you could!But i have to tel you so-" Liam got cut off by me saying "Liam first of all don't call me Kenzieloohoo and second before you tell me anything will you get brittne down from there?!" I said while pointing to Brittne on the rope almost in the shark infested water!

He got Brittne down and came back to me while Brittne walked back to the house."ok so I have to tell you that Niall's chalenge is harder than this one but I know you will figure it out so Good Luck" and before i could say anything i was back at the house in Louis's room again...


HELLO MY LITTLE KANGAROOS THIS WAS A LOOONG CHAPTER BUT OH WELL! any way update in a few BYE BYE KANGAROOS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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