Scared of love

2 girls take on a big city like London! Did these girls take on more than they can Handel? Watch Ava and Maxi's journey through London. Will they meet there charming prince of a snoggy ass hole?


1. hello.

Hey.. I'm Maxine but probably 90.23729 % people call me maxi :) I'm 18. I have long dyed blonde hair and fake tan skin. I really don't like my natural pale skin so it's kind of usual for me to have a fake tan on I guess.

I live in Australia. Yes , boring old Australia. Don't even try to convince me that Australia is awesome because I've lived here for 18 years and I have pretty much wished I was somewhere else the whole time! I don't know why but it's just not the country for me!

The time is finally here. Tomorrow I am on a plane to London with my best friend! I've finished school and have my whole life ahead of me! What could possibly be wrong?!

Don't ask how I went in school . It has never ever been my strong point. I did get the score I needed to do fashion and beauty in university. But I'm choosing to have a break before I go onto do that. That's even if I want too, I'm still not 100 %


I had just finished packing, I have 1 massive suitcase! I could probably sleep In it with another person it was that big! It was a plain black suitcase but I tired a white, light pink and dark pink ribbon around the holder so I could tell it's mine! My stomach is in butterfly's! I'm so excited but so nervous to leave everything I've ever had behind! Thank god for Ava.

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