Sherlock Origins [Fan-Fiction]

Set in London, Sherlock Holmes tells you about himself. He also uncovers one of his comedic and most strangest case yet. (Apple Salesman.) Yes, he actually finds a case from one of them. - It all sounds sill,y but makes perfect sense. (Why?) Because this is my idea of Origins for the Competition. And believe me, I'd make this into a full-story with a whole lot more improvements. Since this is a 3,000 Word Limit. I've made 1 Chapter [4 Pages Long] with a Prologue! - Luke J.R -


1. - Prologue - (5 Pages) 3,000 Words!

Sherlock Holmes Origins

Author Note: This Sherlock Fan Fiction is brought to you by Luke J.R – I’ve been busy lately, writing “The Last Ones Remaining,” so it’s nice to try something new, so they tell me. Anyway, Sherlock Holmes Origins is 3,000 Words Limit. Enjoy!


Sherlock Holmes, he is an ordinary man. As they believe that this one man actually has a story to tell. Ha, children would laugh, as she once was no hero. He used to be just scum. I know this sounds dreadful, and it can’t sound any better, I’m afraid.

Everything you’d forward to, everything you worked for.

Can you imagine, all that being taken away?

Can you re-live a Hero or become the next Zero?

The Story, Origins.

“I’ve heard stories too, many stories in a matter of a fact.”

I’d walk the cobble stoned ground, and I’d look up at the sky as I remembered myself being so much more. Of course, some time in my past, I had to fake my own death. Now that takes guts, some would say. However, back before I had a name, I was just worthless. Okay, okay, maybe I’m being a little hard on myself. How Sherlock can become worthless, you may ask.

Well ask yourselves this, are you known as Hero? Or does the world treat you differently. I’m sorry, if this sounds personal. I’ve just got to keep up on top of things, you know what they say about the early bird who gets the worm. Well that’s me, and it’s hard to believe at first. Because I’d usually be on the case, just this once I’d like to say my prayers. Just this once I’d like to leave you all with something a little more daunting. And I know what you may think of me as, a Hero. Honestly, you are about to regret all of that… My Sherlockians and my outside fans, Holmesians. Thank-you once again, for listening. – Sherlock Holmes –

Chapter 1 – The Origins Of Where It Began.

In London, a place that is home to many nice sights. Here I stand with my hands in my pockets. No penny to my name, yet I do have faith, something that has helped me out throughout my entire life. They’d say to me, William, want to buy an apple? Yes, that’s exactly all I’d hear as I walk down this thin lined road. And of course, without a penny to my name; people would treat me differently. The sights were still engaging to look at. And the smells were, delightful. I’d have to say if I could, that London has never looked so fine. In my opinion at least. That’s not really the reason I’ve been asked to buy some apples. You see, before my Origins begins, I’ve got to do my work. They have it all cut out for me, I’m not too interested in taking this job as another cheap knock-off. I am William Sherlock Scott Holmes.

After a delightful conversation with the so-called Apple salesman. He offered me a few tips, he wanted to make sure I was in on the game. Whether it was a game, who knows? I’d rather ask him myself, and let my hat cut the silence, if so needed to be. The apple salesman had a name, his name was Johnny. Obviously, I didn’t know much about him, he was just not my type. (No really, he wasn’t my type.) After that, I gained his name, along with his trust. I had to assure him that safety is always around with me on the tracks.

He stopped and laughed. What a joke, he’d huff. And then I’d relax back to normal. Slowly walking towards his apple store, and I’d ask him several questions.

“Do you have any idea, of what really happens down there?” I laughed.

The joke was in the sentence, he’d have to get it first. That’s the way it’s always been with me. So if he doesn’t get the joke, I’ll just walk away and laugh to myself. I’ve been told multiple times, that laughter is the best medicine. They are so right!

“So, can you crack the case?” He asked.

It would be rude for me to just ignore such a request. Obviously, I can crack the case, right? Never mind that, I’ll be asking of you later. For a time sooner to come than ever before. You see, me and him get off on the wrong foot. He barely understands me, I’d place my blowpipe in my dry mouth and just expect words to puff out. Instead, the logical happens, just smoke. Not enough really, it certainly won’t do me any good. And I can’t say the same for him for sure. Who knows, maybe smoke has ways of getting the truth…

“I’ll be cracking the case, I just don’t need you to insult my deer…” I smiled.

He looked at me with a confused face, as I walked into the fog. Spare me the details, that’s what I’d probably say if he was still standing. Funny enough, he collapsed the moment I left. Rather he was so happy for me, or maybe he just fainted from the fumes. Who knows, he’s probably a bit of a ding bat, if you ask me good sir, and madam. However, I’ve got the cased nailed now, I know it off by heart. And soon this case will be cracked, as well as the tragic Apple salesman’s heart. > Yes he’ll feel it, he always does…


I’d fiddle with my blowpipe, it just had to be done. With my hat speaking the words for me, I guess I had it all under control. Talk about feeling less happy. Sometimes, I don’t mind my things, the parts of me doing the talking. It’s just the whole, I can’t stand. Maybe on the rainy days, I’ll do the talking. And on the happy days, I’ll feel a little more miserable. It’s been an ongoing problem for me, I’ve always felt something every day. And again, the people would say: “You don’t know us very well…” And I’d laugh. Not because they are wrong or right, I don’t have an answer right now. And I don’t plan on looking up information on something so silly. I mean, if I had the time to search all over, I would. It’s just, when it comes down to the real deals, I don’t find myself using many wheels. (So they tell me…)

The case was set, and it was time to reveal it to myself. My hat already knew what was going on. Some reason, I feel like my hat blocks out the thoughts to my mind. Probably just a crazy theory right? Well, I’ve got a lot of them. So get used to it, I’m sorry if that hurt anyone. I guess, I just want to crack on with this case. And then just maybe, I’ll be able to relax and finally tell you all about my latest adventures. It’ll take some time though, I kid you not. You could be waiting months for me to return, so please give me a break.

“Aha, the case, apparently an old friend of mine. Well ex-friend really, has been caught in the scene. Whether she is to blame for any of the event. I doubt the crime scene will tell us much without me in their hands. Yes, I’m trying to flatter myself…” I joked.

After taking a cab to the scene of the crime, I was a little cheap back then.

I had arrived at the scene of the crime, well the after-math to say the least. There she was, her stunning clothes shining through the sunshine. We didn’t get much light for long, the Officer of the case, the one who supposed to have seen this woman thieving, he had a lot to say for himself. I had to listen to his yapping for a whole lot of time…

“Aha, Sherlock, good to see you’re here. We caught this woman, an old friend I presume. We found her stealing some very valuable paintings from the museum, I hope your journey was safe. No bad bumps, or anything like that.”

“Now that you mention it, I did have to get a cab here…” I sighed.

“Sorry about that, Sherlock, sir. We do our best as Law Enforcers to keep crime low key, because we like to deal with this crime without the combustion.” He smiled.

“Well see to it next time, that you-“ I paused.

“Never mind…” I resume my sentence.

The woman, an old friend of mine, she looked just as beautiful as before. However, crime doesn’t pay. I fiddled with my tongue, and took a few steps towards what looked like the scene of the crime. Like I said before, the aftermath. Lying down on the ground half-asleep was one of the secondary officers. He must’ve slept whilst trying to do his job. If the officers never slept – and actually guarded, we’d probably not be standing here right now. Sorry about this my fans, I’ve got a lot on my plate. And it really shows at lunch-time believe me.

“So, your officer, sorry, ahem… Guard! He has fallen asleep, where he should have been I don’t know, guarding!” I yelled.

“Well, he wasn’t really ideal for the job, he was about to retire. Good to see you picking up the pieces again Sherlock, I’ll leave you with this case, have fun my friend.” He smiled again.

As the officers disappeared off in the distance, I finally had a chance to knuckle down and inspect the area. Of course, questioning would have to come later, whether or not she wanted to talk to me. She don’t have much choice I’m afraid. If anything, old friends should co-operate more, and I hope she still is one of my old friend’s. In my books, she is something a whole lot more, let’s not go into those pages though okay? Ha, ha.

After a slight stroll across the Museum’s entrance, I encountered some pieces of evidence. Scratch marks, yes actual scratch marks off some sort of sharp object. However, the marks were split into five. So this could only have been a bear claw, or a human with super long nails. And of course, I hope for the bear claw… After more strolling, the scratch marks continued up the side of a wall. Whether the victim escaped is still not quite true. I’m starting to consider the possibility of this woman, my old friend, being innocent.

She certainly didn’t look too bad, and if she had been scratching the walls with those nails. What a waste, - ahem, I mean she clearly has no right to scratch other people’s property. My eyes focussed on her, she looked so beautiful. I guess, looks can be deceiving though. So I’m not going to write her out of the possibilities – bear claw is definitely my first guess.


After some serious investigating, I managed to find blood. Okay, this case has just got serious. My hat wobbled a little, I kind of lost balance, sorry. After the silly situation of me losing balance, I managed to find more clues. Not only was there blood behind some of the missing paintings exhibits, but I could see markings of some sort. Using my camera, I snapped a shot of it. A photo, evidence I may need to research.

As I stepped back, I stumbled across an old watch, more evidence. I walked back even further, and because I weren’t looking where I was going. I tripped over the girl, and she looked at me with her two big blue eyes. She looked very angry, and slightly disturbed. Oh great, I’ve made the cat mad, and the interview I’m going to be giving her won’t be much of an interview at all. It’ll end up with my face attached to these painting borders.

As I tried to apologize to her, she brushed off the dust from her nice looking hair.

“Do you mind? I don’t think you have eyes, do you? Do you?” She asked.

“Ahem, sorry about the – you know, you l-look nice?” I complemented her.

“Thanks, but I don’t accept your apology, now back off…” She sighed.

Well, you can’t blame a guy for trying, I did try after-all. She stared at me the whole time, as I nervously stepped back more and more away from her. Not going to annoy her again, probably for the best. And if I want this case coming to a close, I’m going to need her out of my way as much as possible. Maybe she’ll just be out of my way, as long as I stay out of her way. Makes sense, and it sounds fair. Hmm, maybe I should ask her…

After arguing with my hat and my mind, I felt like I was going crazy, it’s normal. As I approached her with a more gentle entrance, she smiled at me. And she nodded as I asked her for some information. I kneeled down with my notebook, and listened to what she had to say. Although, I had a sick feeling that she was probably going to rip me to shreds by the time I finish my notes. She most likely has a cunning plan to take me down, jobless. That’s not going to happen though, don’t you worry. I’ll sort this out, for I am, Sherlock Holmes.

“Sorry Madam, I didn’t mean to startle you. I’m here to ask you some questions.”

“Aha, I’ve heard that already, thanks for the complement earlier, I don’t like your apology though…” She spat on my thick leather shoes.

“Quite the modest girl aren’t you, I’m surprised you don’t know me… Anyway, where were you at the scene of the crime? – Not the best question I know, quite common I bet…”

“Common, only every officer has asked me that, spare the second question though honey. I can already feel a lucky one coming along soon, - don’t ask!” She hissed.

“O-okay…? Anyway, I’d like to show you a few scenes of the crime, maybe you can explain…”

I helped her up on her feet, and walked her to the first clue of this case. “Blood,” well it was the first in my mind, so I guess I did the right thing. I waited for her reaction, but instead I got nothing. She looked at me as if I were crazy, and she fiddled with my hat. What a drag, I don’t need her messing around with my possessions…

The blood was a little dry, I realised this as she managed to scrape some off with her short nails! (Well this case is looking very, very bad…) Not my best work, I know. I’m just trying to do my job, and of course the officers leave me with a certain annoyance. I need some kind of motivation, so if this is the best they have, I’ll just go with the flow. Oh and when I get back, I’ll be demanding my companion back, because I need him as soon as possible…

“Do you believe me now, Mr.Hat,” she laughed.

“Mr.Hat? I’ve never been insulted in all my life, talk to me, not my hat… I bet you do that all the time!” I hissed.

“Ha, only when someone shows me their hat first, do you like my hat?” She smiled.

She lifted offer her sun-hat, yes, she had a sunhat. And she wanted me to complement her on the looks of her hat. Oh boy, I’ve certainly got my work cut out for me today…

“I-it’s lovely…” I cringed.

“T-thanks, good to see someone knowing fashion around here. The other officers asked why I am wearing the hat. I think it’s because winter is almost here, ha,” she giggled.

“Well, I weren’t going to ask that exactly. That’d be a little unwise,” I backed off.

As I almost said something else instead of “Unwise,” she gave me an evil look. Thank god, I took the easy route. Or, I’d have to deal with her twisted side, if she even has one, that is. She giggled as we walked back to her seat. She asked me several questions, clearly not allowing me to do my job properly. She just wanted someone to talk to, great!

“So, Mr.Hat, what is it you do around here, apart from flirting…” She smirked.

“Flirt- how dare you, I’m currently working. And you’re becoming a certain annoyance. Yes, you are actually pushing my patience…” I tried to smile.

“Oh, well sorry Mr.Hat, flirting won’t get you no-where though!” She shouted.

Finally, I could get on back to work, finish the case I needed to finish. She had a strop, and a tantrum in the middle of the Museum, she puffed her lips at me. And I just ignored her, there is no way I’m going to face a bratty female. She smiled at me as I turned around. I ignored her again, and then I stumbled across my final clue. “A knife,” well I can’t say it was happy.

The knife had finger-prints, I was almost sure of it. And to prove it, I sealed it in a plastic bag, placing it in my thick left pocket. As I reached for my magnify glass, I took another step back and kneeled on the ground. With my hat now focussed, and my mind focussed too… I managed to uncover foot-prints, it really shows off. Dusty footprints, thanks dust!

I used the magnify glass in-front of the lens of my camera. I managed to snap a few more shots of the dusty foot-prints. As I reached for my measurement tape, I measured the foot-print. “5 foot size,” that was my readings. However, in centimetres, I’d rather not say for sure. You never know if somebody is trying to pull your leg… - Thanks again, Luke J.R – -


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