The Making of a Murderer

Everyone knows the story of Annabelle Andrews, but do you know the path of which was taken to make her life turn out the way it did? What happened to Eric Andrews to make him murder his wife in cold blood? What happened behind closed doors? What happened in his childhood?
Eric Andrews was a quiet boy; strange some would say; but he was sweet and caring. His father was never home and when he was he wasn't anything of a father. His mother tried her best; but Eric knew she was slipping in the waves of depression and anxiety. His father was a soldier.
But what happened a few weeks after Annabelle Andrew's sixth birthday?


3. Act Two


Act Two: High School


Scene One: Freshman


Eric and Veronica made it to their Freshman year of High School, still a couple; still in the awkward stages of not quite saying 'I love you' but not 'I like you' either. The whole atmosphere of their relationship was odd really. One would not think they would ever share chemistry with one another romantically but they did; it was just awkward like most early teenage romances. We open the second act in a park on a school trip; its mid June; soon exams would begin and sophomore year would begin.


[Eric and Veronica enter, with two friends]


Van: Eric; what are you doing over vacation?


Eric: Going to visit my grandmother in Key West, you?


Van: Nothing staying here.


Eric: What about you Ronny?


Veronica: Not sure. My boyfriend won't be here, my mother is probably going to force me to look at college brochures.


Shaylinn: You have me.


Veronica: Oh I know that Shay. Its just that...I don't know what you're doing this summer.


Shay: Nothing what so ever.


Veronica: Oh, then we have to do something.


Shay: Yes we shall!


Van: You know, I'm not doing anything either.


Shay: Yes; but you're my brother. I don't want to spend my summer with my twin brother.


Van: How is that fair? We share a house, parents. For God's sake we shared our mother's womb!


Shay: Precisely so I would much rather spend my summer without someone I was crammed into a cell for nine months like a criminal. Like its my fault mom created two eggs that released at the same moment when dad did his job.


Van: Really? Must you be so nasty?


Shay: Its only the truth Vanson.


[Enter teacher]


Teacher: Alright class; I hope by now you've split into your assigned groups. Please no interchanging to be with your friends. Now as a refresher I will call out the groups........


Veronica: Good thing we're all in the same group. I checked twice with Mr. Webb.


Eric: Why, what was so important?


Veronica: Troy Jones transferred here remember? The private school he was attending expelled him.


Eric: For what? And how come you know and I don't?


Veronica: His sister told me.


Eric: You've talked to Rossmarie?


Veronica: Yes, somehow Troy doesn't view me as a threat to her chastity. Or something.


Eric: Oh. Troy is seriously whacked. 


Van: Who is Troy?


Eric: The beefy guy over there that kind of looks like a mule's ass.


Van: Hmm. You're right in your observations but I would like to add that he reminds me of a certain creature long dead but has a certain charm.


Eric: A dinosaur?


Van: No, Madame Fortuna. My great aunt. He kind of looks like her. (The four friends laugh at the joke when Mr. Webb calls out the last group.)


Mr. Webb: Eric Andrews, Veronica Abble, Vanson Worth, Shaylinn Worth, and Troy Jones.


Veronica: No! No way the last time I spoke to that perverted rat I said I was going to rip his balls from his body and make him swallow them.(Veronica groaned) Protect me?


Eric: Uh yea. I will protect you from a guy three times the size of me.


Veronica: You're the same height.


Eric: He's wider. Bulkier, stronger. Meaner, uh more violent?


Veronica: I get your point. Van?


Van: Don't look at me. He's the whole football team...and he doesn't even play


Shay: You two are wimps. Van you're like three feet taller than he is.


Van: So. I would like to preserve my face.


Shay: For what?


Van: I don't know Shay, a girl maybe?


Shay: Oh. I thought you were gay and that's why you didn't want to fight him because you're his bitch.


Van: Oh come on Shay. I don't want to fight him period, and I'm no one's bitch.


Eric: Wait, Troy is gay?


Shay: Yea, I asked him out a few months ago and he politely turned me down and explained he was playing for the same team.


Veronica: Wait; the pervert wasn't trying to get in my pants...he was trying to get into...


Eric: My pants?


Troy: What about your pants short stuff?


Eric: Troy we are the same height. The proper way to degrade me would be calling me a twig or something skinny and frail looking.


Troy: Aren't you a wrestler?


Eric: Yes.


Troy: Then how are you frail?


Eric: I believe I said 'frail looking'. Anyway let's get to work.


Veronica: Why did they send us on a scavenger hunt again?(Veronica asked avoiding Troy's gaze.)


Shay: No idea.(Looks to Troy) Hey, how are you holding up?


Troy: I'm good.


The five students looked over the mediocre list of 'treasure' each student had to find with their team. On the list were, five gold pieces, five strands of 'pearls', five rubies, five swords, and five clues to the fountain of youth.


Eric: Just because our mascot is a pirate doesn't mean they have to make the theme of the scavenger hunt pirates and buried treasure. Does it look like I go around saying 'Arghh ye matey?'


Veronica: Come on Eric, this could be fun. 


Troy: Let's start at the creek.


Shay: Good idea.


(Van edged closer to Eric, uncomfortable with the stares that Troy was directing towards him.)


Van: Hey Eric lets go and try to find; the five swords or whatever.


Eric: Sure Van. Veronica, want to come with us?


Veronica: Gladly. (The three of them disappeared into the thicket of trees, leaving Shay and Troy to find whatever they saw fit.)


Van: Sorry guys, Troy was giving me the 'Look'.


Veronica: The look?


Eric: No, the Look. The one a guy gives someone he wants to get lucky with.


Veronica: Ew gross! Troy was hitting on Van in front of us?


Van: Let's just look for the objects, alright?


Eric: Sure.


The three friends ventured deeper into the woods. Looking for the idiotic quest objects; Eric ventured off by himself and went deeper into the forest then his friends. He heard what sounded like a struggle and he passed it off as predator and prey. He then heard a scream; a human scream.


(Eric ran off towards stage left, towards the scream of a girl. He enters a clearing and finds Troy above Shay; a gleaming knife in one hand, his belt in the other. Oh god no.)


Eric: Shay! (Troy turns, and without thinking Eric lunges towards the knife.)


Troy: Hey short stuff. I knew if I bothered your homophobic friend enough he'd pull you away with Veronica. Shay she was sweet but, she was something I needed.


Eric: What are you talking about?(Eric looked behind him and saw to his utter horror the bloodless face of Shay. She was dead...her throat slashed and her eyes opened to the monster that killed her and the friend that was too late.) You fucking monster! 


Troy: I'm not the one who left her behind with me. Call for help if you must; I rather enjoy juvenile detention.


Eric: Van! Veronica! (Eric knelt down next to Shay's body as he watched her killer walk away. Tears, hot and salty ran down his face and his took up the body of one of his best friends into his arms. Her blood ran into his shirt and mixed with his tears.) I'm so sorry Shay.


[Enter Veronica and Van]


Van enters the clearing first, and when he sees his best friend on the ground, clutching something close to him, and crying he knew something horrible had happened. Veronica was close behind; worried about Eric more than anything. Anything could set him off. Only she knew his true nature. She ran to his side; past the frozen Van and knelt next to him; Veronica only saw the blood...she screamed...when she saw whom he held.


Veronica: Eric...what happened.


Eric: Troy...he k-killed her with a knife. I was...t-too late. S-she's dead because o-of me.


Veronica: No Eric, it is not your fault. Van-find Mr. Webb. Tell him to call the police. Wait for them and lead them back here.


Van: B-but.


Veronica: N-Now! Go now Van! (Veronica's voice broke. Her best friend was dead.)


Eric: I couldn't save her...I was too late.


Veronica: Eric; it wasn't your fault.


Eric: I should've told her to come too. I-I 


Veronica: Eric, snap out of it.


Little did Veronica know that Eric was slipping into the abyss that was insanity. It would take her twenty years to figure this out, it would take her until her daughter's sixth birthday to figure out that the man she loved was insane. The murder of his best friend in front him was just too much and he blamed himself. He blamed everyone...he blamed Veronica for telling off Troy, he blamed Van for being 'uncomfortable'; he blamed everyone; he just didn't blame Troy; the monster who actually did the deed.


(The police, Mr. Webb, and Van step into the clearing. By this time Eric had released the body of Shay. Still crying he held onto Veronica for what seemed like dear life. Van knelt next to the body of his sister. Now dead. His twin was dead...his other half was dead.)


Police Officer: Kid, can you tell me what happened?


Eric: I was looking through the forest; and I heard a struggle. I passed it off as an animal or something and then I heard a scream. I started running; but I was too late. Troy had already sliced her throat. I didn't notice I just lunged at him; hoping to save her. But it was too was too late.


Police Officer: Okay, now what way did Troy go?


Eric: North.


Police Officer: Good. Uh, Mr. Webb can you get Eric out to my car and bag his shirt?


Mr. Webb: Of course. Come on you three.

Van: I can't leave her.


Mr. Webb: Its not her anymore kid. C'mon let the police do their job.


Van: Alright. (Van kissed the forehead of his now dead sister and got up and followed his friends and his teacher out of the forest.)


(When the other students saw the blood on Eric Andrews they started to whisper. Eric heard them but he ignored them. Veronica stood by his side, her arm around his shoulders. The blood of Shaylinn spread onto her arms but she didn't care. Not anymore, her other arm was looped through Van's elbow. Guiding him towards the cop car. She saw Van's mother next to her stationwagon; tears in her eyes when she saw the state of Van. Van saw his mother and ran off towards her.) 


Mr. Webb: Eric, take off your shirt please and put this one on,


Eric: Alright.


Veronica: Eric, I'm going to go talk to Van and his mom, will you be alright?


Eric: Yea, go ahead.


Mr. Webb: I'm so sorry Eric. If I had known...


Eric: Why was he expelled?


Mr. Webb: He shoved his teacher down a flight of stairs.

Eric: Did the teacher die?


Mr. Webb: Yes.


Eric: Then why bring him on an outing to a park with secluded places?


Mr. Webb: We wanted to make him feel welcome.


Eric: By giving him a blood sacrifice? Shaylinn is dead! She's dead and her parents and her twin brother have to face a life without her. They have to remember on every birthday that she was murdered. They have to remember on graduation that they had two children but one was murdered on your watch! My best friend is dead, my girlfriend is trying all she can to keep her emotions under lock and key for my sake and for Van, and Van, my other best friend is crying! Vanson doesn't cry not in public. His sister is dead. She's dead and she's not coming back! Our Snow Queen isn't coming back!


Mr.Webb: Eric I'm sorry. Go to your friends. Your parents have been notified.


End of Scene One




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