The Making of a Murderer

Everyone knows the story of Annabelle Andrews, but do you know the path of which was taken to make her life turn out the way it did? What happened to Eric Andrews to make him murder his wife in cold blood? What happened behind closed doors? What happened in his childhood?
Eric Andrews was a quiet boy; strange some would say; but he was sweet and caring. His father was never home and when he was he wasn't anything of a father. His mother tried her best; but Eric knew she was slipping in the waves of depression and anxiety. His father was a soldier.
But what happened a few weeks after Annabelle Andrew's sixth birthday?


2. Act One



Act One; Scene Three




Scene Three: Friendship



Introduction: Now almost thirteen Eric Andrews had developed a strong friendship with the girl called Veronica Abble. Much to her mother's disapproval. Although they were tormented for their friendship, Veronica would not leave Eric. He was odd but it was a good odd. Veronica loved him, and Eric loved Veronica, although most would say that Eric loved Veronica a bit more than Veronica loved him. Their friendship was strong, and it was unique. It was based on trust and the understanding of Eric's condition.



 {Enter Eric and Veronica}[at school. At lockers]


Eric: Veronica, I was wondering.


Veronica: Eric, like I said before; we've been friends this long, I'm not leaving you.


Eric: That wasn't what I was going to ask you. I was going to ask you if you wanted to go to the Graduation Ball with me.


Veronica: Oh, how stupid of me. Yes I'll go with you.


Eric: Great! So, I'll see you later then.


Veronica: You always will. 


Eric and Veronica went their separate ways for the first half of the day. They rejoined at lunch and their previous conversation continued.


[Eric sitting down across from Veronica]


Veronica: Hello Eric.


Eric: Hullo Ronny.


Veronica: So what made you decide to ask me to the Ball?


Eric: I don't know.


Veronica: I thought you like Carla Hare?


Eric: Carla is overrated.


Veronica: Did she turn you down?


Eric: Big time. Veronica; why did you say yes? I thought you were going with Renn?


Veronica: Renn isn't going to the Ball. He was expelled.


Eric: For what? Being too nice?


Veronica: No, for distributing porn to minors.


Eric: Shit, Ronny you liked a pervert!


Veronica: He was your best friend too you know. (Veronica said angrily.)


Eric: I know. But man I didn't even know he knew what it was!


Veronica: Neither did I. We are messed up people; who hang out with messed up people.


Eric: We're perfect for each other


Veronica: I second that notion. 


[The two continued eating, the bell rings, school day speeds by.]

{End of day. In front of school building}


[Enter Eric and Veronica]


Eric: Hey.


Veronica: Hey. Can't wait until tomorrow!


Eric: Yea, me either graduation and then the Ball, and then we're officially in High School.


Veronica: Time sure does fly.


Eric: Feelings change.


Veronica: But friendship remains.(Veronica smiled, taking Eric's hand) I won't leave you Ricky.


Eric: I won't leave you either. I promise.


Veronica: Pinkie swear! No matter what happens we will always be friends. (Eric and Veronica turn. They interlock their pinkie fingers and promise.)


Both: I promise for as long as I shall live, that I will be your friend until I die.


Eric: Best friend.


Veronica: Or maybe more. I can't tell the future.


Eric: Veronica. Hypothetically speaking; what would you do if I were to kiss you?


Veronica(taken by surprise): I don't know. I suppose I would in the moment. (Veronica turned to look at Eric. He had stopped and his grip on her hand had tightened. He pulled her to him. His other arm encircling her waist.)


Eric: Veronica Abble. I love you.(Eric moved quickly and brought his lips to her's.)


{The kiss lasted for seconds. Veronica kissed back in the last few.}


[Enter Troy Jones]


Troy: Yo, loser what you doing?


Eric: What do you want Troy?


Troy: I want some of this untapped potential.(Troy said eyeing Veronica up and down.)


Veronica: You pig.


Troy: She's got a mouth on her. Maybe I could show you how to fill it with something useful.


Veronica: Like my fist? I'll break your jaw before you stick McJunior in my mouth!


Troy: Why don't you control your bitch, loser?


Eric: Why don't you go fuck yourself? And she's not a bitch. She's a human being with enough decency to make up for the fact of my murdering you.


Troy: You shouldn't have said that mate."


Eric: Shouldn't I? Why not? Because its true?


Troy: You haven't got the balls. She's got more bazoongas then you do and they're on her chest!


Eric: Try me! Come on fight me!


Troy: You weasel, you ain't worth breaking parole for. Although she, she would be totally worth it.


Veronica: Go to hell you pervert!


Troy: I would but I haven't got the fares. I hear its lovely this time of year.


[Exit Troy]


Veronica: Who the hell was that?


Eric: My neighbor. He moved here from England and he somehow he's got it in his head that I'm out to do the nasty with his sister Rossmarie*ROSS-MAA-REE*


Veronica: What?


Eric: I was saying hello, welcoming her and her family to the neighborhood when Troy came from nowhere and started wailing on me telling me to stay away from his sister. I haven't the wildest idea as to where he would get such a notion! I can't even get Carla to go out with me. How was I supposed to get a beautiful foreign girl to go and sleep with me right there on her front lawn? I mean I'm only fourteen for god's sake!


Veronica: Troy is kind of...


Eric: Messed up? I'd say. Well I'll see you tomorrow, alright?


Veronica: Yes of course. Sorry our kiss got interrupted.


Eric: You are?


Veronica: Of course. I thought it was nice. I like you, a lot, a lot more then Renn anyway.


Eric: I never liked Carla.


Veronica: Really?


Eric: Of course it was all a facade.


Veronica: Eric.


Eric: What? (Veronica stepped closer and placed her hand on his cheek and placed her lips on his.) Veronica. I really like you.


Veronica: Ditto.(Veronica blushed and went inside.)


Eric walked home with a stupid grin on his face. His best friend, just became his first girlfriend. Little did Eric know, that his first girlfriend would be his first love, his wife, and his first kill. 


End of Scene. End of ACT


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