The Making of a Murderer

Everyone knows the story of Annabelle Andrews, but do you know the path of which was taken to make her life turn out the way it did? What happened to Eric Andrews to make him murder his wife in cold blood? What happened behind closed doors? What happened in his childhood?
Eric Andrews was a quiet boy; strange some would say; but he was sweet and caring. His father was never home and when he was he wasn't anything of a father. His mother tried her best; but Eric knew she was slipping in the waves of depression and anxiety. His father was a soldier.
But what happened a few weeks after Annabelle Andrew's sixth birthday?


1. Act One

The Making of a Murderer

A prequel of 'A Child's Worst Fear'


Act One: Childhood






Act One; Scene One


Scene One: Birth


Introduction: Alexandra Andrews laid tired and forlorn. She had taken a lot of pain killers, She had just given birth to a baby boy. She named him Eric, after her grandfather. The baby's father was no where to be found, mostly because he was overseas. Vietnam was in turmoil.


[Enter Doctor]


Doctor Roberts: Hello Mrs. Andrews, how are you feeling?


Mrs. Alexandra Andrews: I'd be better if I knew the fate of my husband. {Mrs. Andrews answered in a snippy tone}


Doctor Roberts: I'll leave you then to rest. If you need anything a nurse is just a buzz away.


Mrs. Alexandra Andrews: Thank you Doctor Roberts; for everything. [Exit Doctor]


End of Scene One


Scene Two: Ages 3-12


Introduction: Eric Andrews was six years old. He enjoyed toying with the neighbors cat, and chasing Old Man Jenkins' senile dog. No one really understood Eric and the way his mind worked. In the year of 1980 no one paid much attention to a could be murderer who would have the time? With the Cold War in full swing everyone was in constant fear. Eric, he enjoyed the chaos of the fear, of the chills. Eric was a strange boy, but there had been stranger. Eric was normal in the school, enjoyed making friends, and he enjoyed pranking the teachers. On the morning of his seventh birthday. His mother surprised him with his first bike; much to the disapproval of his father; who had finally returned from the army base he had been stationed at. His father refused to allow his wife and young son onto the military base; for many reasons the main one being that he wanted to have flings; and he couldn't do that with Mrs. Andrews and Eric Andrews present. The bike was red, with big black wheels, and a horn perfect for scaring the animals, like squirrels and birds. He rode that bike to school up until he had turned eleven. When he had started Mrs. Abble's fourth grade class.


(Classroom 307, Mrs. Abble's Fourth Grade)


[Enter Mrs. Abble and Eric SL]


Mrs. Abble: Eric sweetheart, you really must stop pulling those horrid tricks on me. Its not proper dear. Now, go and play for morning recess.


Eric: Alrighty Mrs. Abble, anything for you.


[Exit Eric]



(Eric sat beneath an old oak tree. Thinking of Mrs. Abble and her request. She has the whitest skin he'd ever seen. And the blackest hair, the color of a raven's wing. Always tied up in a tight bun, her eyes were the color of rare emeralds that would sparkle each time he did something right. He loved her. No he needed her.)


A boy: Eric, wanna play? (The boy held up a football)


Eric: Don't you see I'm busy?


A boy: You're not doing nothing Eric.


Eric(Annoyed): Stuart, I am busy; thinking of how to exterminate you. No please leave me alone.


Stuart: Fine, be a meany then![ Exit Stuart]


Eric: Finally. Oh Mrs. Abble, why can't you be mine?


A girl: Because she's old. What do you want with my mother anyway?


Eric: Who are you?


A girl: I'm Veronica Abble. Mrs. Abble's daughter and you are?


Eric: I'm Eric Andrews.


Veronica: I know. My mom talks about you and your class a lot. I'm in Ms. Amsterdam's fourth grade.


Eric: I know. Do you want to swing?


Veronica: Sure Eric. (Eric couldn't help but notice the similarities between Veronica and Mrs. Abble. Veronica looked like the princess Snow White.)


End of Scene

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