Tour BFF's

Emma Louise Stevens is 19 turning 20 and happens to be the female best friend of the famous boy band artist Harry Styles. They've been friends since before the X-Factor and now he invited her to come on tour with himself and his band mates. There are many complications due to the fact that Emma's a girl and Harry's a boy. Whilst on tour one of the two starts to get feelings for the other, but is to scared for the friendship, the fans, the media and the other lads. What would they think? How will it go?


6. 5

"Well, I couldn't possibly take him away from you Lou, could I?" I suddenly say poking Louis' stomach. It comes as a shock to all of us. Then we all laughed at it. Because, well… it was funny. Kind of.

"You are free to take him." Louis told me making me chuckle a little.

"You know he can be such a pain in the arse sometimes."

"I didn't know Harry was that rough with you in bed." I said making all of us laugh, except Louis who slightly blushed.

"Sorry, but it just fitted so well. I really don't know why I said that, sorry. I wouldn't really know how Harry is in bed and I'm not really in a rush to find it out either." I apologised to Louis.

"So you want to find out, huh?" Now it was my turn to blush while the others laughed at Louis' comment.

"So you guys wanna catch a movie or something?" I asked trying to change the subject.

"Actually yes, but you've already changed the subject once this evening, and you got away with it." Liam said.

"This time you won't." Niall continued.

"It's way funnier watching you and Louis having a conversation." Zayn finished them off.

"But I really want to watch a movie! And since it's only 8:30pm we can talk and stuff afterwards."

"We want to talk now so that we don't forget what we were just talking about." Niall said.

"When do you guys need to go anyways?" I asked.

"Changing the subject again are we?" Zayn asked.

"We can stay for as long as you want us here babe." Harry smiled at me.

"So you want to stay the night then?"

"If you have room for us, then the answer is yes." Louis said.

"Let's have a slumber party here in my 'living room' then." I said.

"Cool!" The boys shouted.

"Okay, so you guys help me move six mattresses in here with pillows and blankets and sheets and we'll put them in a circle."

We pushed away the couches and the table so that we could fit all six mattresses. And since the boys only had the clothes they were wearing I walked into my tiny little walk-in closet, if you could even call it that, and I dug through my clothes looking for something they could borrow. And since I feel lucky today, well not really, I found some clothes Harry left last time we had a sleepover at my apartment. Yes, me and Harry sometimes have sleepovers just the two of us. Anyway it wasn't just clothes from the most recent sleepover it was enough for all the boys. How lucky am I? I don't need to lend them my clothes thanks to Harry's clothes.

I also found the one piece I got from the boys last Christmas. You see they insisted to give it to me from the 'One Direction Santa'. Even if I didn't get them anything, but eventually I felt so bad I didn't get them anything that I bought them something each anyways.

Well it was a plain white one pice when they bought it, just like the one Harry wore in that one video-diary from the X-Factor. But they decided to make it a bit more special just for me. It's full of 1D quotes, their autographs, song titles, song lyrics and crazy drawings. And they used permanent markers so it will never fade away. It's my favourite one piece.

I got crisps, popcorn, soda, candy and cups, you know to have the soda in them. Since we laid the mattresses in a circle it was an open space in the middle where we put all the food. We got everything and then I turned the TV so that it pointed against the mattresses.

"So what movie are we gonna watch?" Harry asked and it looked like Liam was going to say something.

"No Liam, we're not watching Toy Story." Niall said. What was that all about? I thought to myself, but instead of wondering I just shrugged it off.

"Okay so not Toy Story, and not any scary movies." I said.

"Why not a scary movie?" Zayn asked.

"Well part because I don't own any, and part because I hate them."

"Why do you hate them?" Liam said.

"Because she's a little chicken." Louis said.

"Am not!" I answered. They just laughed at me.

"What movies do you have then?" Zayn asked.

"I've got Disney movies, princess movies, Barbie movies, animation movies like 'Wallace & Grommet' and I got some comedy movies. They are with real people. My favourite one is the one where Vin Diesel is a babysitter. Don't quite remember the movie title though." I said. The boys were shocked.

"What?" I asked.

"Well what about renting a movie?" Louis suggested.

"Don't you like the movies I have?" I said fake crying.

"No,no! It's not that. It's just wouldn't it be nice to see something else for a change?"

"No, because if we were to rent a movie I'm the one to pick it up. Because I want everyone home alive." I said. Harry smirked.

"Alive is one of the songs on our new album."

"Don't you think I know that Harry?" I said, he just nodded.

"You've listened to our album?" Liam said.

"HELL YEAH!!!" I screamed.

"I've got all the Cd's and movies and books ever made of One Direction." I told them boys.

"Cool." They all said except Harry who just nodded.

"Well if it wasn't for Harry here" I said while I laid my hand on his shoulder.

"I wouldn't have had anything of my One Direction related things." I finished.

I laid between Harry and Niall, beside Harry were Louis(of course), beside Niall were Liam and in between Liam and Louis laid Zayn.

"So, what to do?" Louis asked.

"Oh God." Harry said. The boys looked at him while he covered his ears.

"TRUTH OR DARE!!!!!!" I shouted at the top of my lungs. We then heard something hitting the floor. From the other side. It was my neighbours. It won't be the first time they complain. He would be here anytime now. *knock, knock*

"I'll get it." I sighed. I got up and walked over to the door. Before I opened it I put on a false smile.

"Hello sir, what may I help you with?" I asked politely.

"This isn't the first time I'm here, and it's not the first time you've shouted that loud at this time. You know that my twins are not heavy sleepers. And if they wake up now I swear-"

"Hey I can look after them tomorrow and Monday and after Tuesday you won't see me for a couple of months." I cut him off.

"Where are you going?" He asked.

"I'm going on tour with One Direction."


"Yeah, Harry's my best friend. They're here now actually."

"Wow, you're lucky. Anyways that babysitting thing tomorrow and Monday. You still up for that?"

"Yeah sure."

"Would you watch them from 2pm tomorrow? I'm taking my wife out for our wedding day and I'm thinking about staying at a hotel. I just need a babysitter."

"I would love to watch them. They can stay up here tomorrow night and you'll pick them up here on Monday. Okay?"

"Yeah, I'll come get them at six o'clock at Monday then?"

"That's perfect." I answered and said goodbye to him. I closed the door and went back smiling.

"Why are you smiling?" Harry asked.

"I'm watching my neighbours twins tomorrow from 2pm to 6 o'clock Monday."



"Well I love being with kids, that's why we come along that well by the way, and I've woken up those two so many times when me and Harry have had sleepovers. So I kind of owed them that." They nodded.

"We're not that childish, are we babe?" Harry said into my ear. I turned around and faced him only to realise that we were about two inches apart.

"Actually you guys are even more childish." I said. Suddenly Harry's forehead rested on mine, and our noses were slightly touching.

"Are you guys going to kiss?" Liam asked.

"Way to ruin the moment Liam." Niall said while punching him brotherly in the shoulder. Both me and Harry blushed like crazy.

What if Liam hadn't interrupted us? Then we would probably kiss. We can't kiss. We're not together or something. We're just best friends. Why did this even happen? Does he like me? Do I like him? I don't know. I can't like him, but what if I do? I'll just have to push the feelings away, I guess, but what if he likes me? I'll have to make him rethink it then. I discussed with myself.

"Let's start truth or dare, should we?" Zayn asked us. We all nodded.

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