Tour BFF's

Emma Louise Stevens is 19 turning 20 and happens to be the female best friend of the famous boy band artist Harry Styles. They've been friends since before the X-Factor and now he invited her to come on tour with himself and his band mates. There are many complications due to the fact that Emma's a girl and Harry's a boy. Whilst on tour one of the two starts to get feelings for the other, but is to scared for the friendship, the fans, the media and the other lads. What would they think? How will it go?


23. 22

"So are you like official now then?" Emily asked.

"No?" I said, even though it sounded more like a question.

"You might not feel this personally, but for now you have to at least pretend to be exclusive." Mr. Cowell said and all I could do was simply nod.

"You know the fans doesn't know that you two have known each other since you were little, but they do know that Harry wouldn't go around and knock someone up like that, so if asked just say you were dating in secret before, but now you can finally be open about it." He said and was off to somewhere else.

I sighed, I don't want Harry doing this if he doesn't want it. I of course don't mind, because I actually do like him, but I don't know about him.

"I guess you're my girlfriend then." Harry smiled really big.

"Why are you so happy?" I asked him a big smile across my face too. Harry leaned in close to me.

"Don't tell anyone, but I've kinda wanted this for a while." He whispered to me making chills travel down my spine.

"Really?" My smile grew even bigger.

"Mhm." He hugged me tight from behind.

"Awwe, you guys are so cute." Emily said and I looked up at her and could see the other boys agreeing.

"It's about time really." Louis commented taking a sip of his tea. I rolled my eyes, but really I couldn't agree more.

"So are y'all up for a movie night tonight? Since you actually have the night off." I asked looking around the room at each and everyone of them.

"Sounds fun." Emily said.

"Agreed, maybe me and Emily can go to the store and snack up before we start." Niall said hopefully.

"Sounds like a plan to me." Emily smiled and they were soon off to the cornerstone.

As soon as they were out the door I sat the others down and talked them through a plan to set them up on a date next free time they had.

Conveniently Niall and Emily walked in just as we finished our planning of their date.

"So are you guys ready for movie night?" Niall asked shaking the plastic bags in his hands.

"Yeah!" We cheered as we pulled out blankets and pillows to make comfortable seatings for those who had to sit on the floor and positioned the TV in the common room of the hotel. It was of course closed of as the biggest boyband in the world had asked for a little privacy for a movie night.

"So what movie are we going to watch?" I asked and I could see a devilish smile spread across Louis face.

"Oh no." I whispered.

"Please don't make me." Louis chuckled. I looked to Harry for him to get me out of this and suggest something else. He just shrugged at me and looked away. Rude.

"Oh, but I think it's about time you watch one. You see, you've been so sheltered your whole life, and I blame Mr. Harry Styles here for it." He gestured to Harry who responded by blushing and burying his face in his hands.

"So anyway, we're gonna watch 'I know what you did last summer', one that was released in '97" I sighed. There really was no getting out of this.


After coming to terms with the fact that I had to watch a horror movie for the first time in my life, we arranged the seatings on the sofa. On the actual sofa was Harry, Louis, Liam and I, and on the floor on the blankets and pillows sat Emily and Niall of course. I was sat between Harry and Louis, and on Louis' other side was Liam. I demanded to sit in the middle for ultimate protection, and also to see everyone and possibly keep them from scaring the living shit out of me.

Oddly I felt quite comfortable squeezed between Harry and Louis on the couch. That was of course until the movie started. I envy Emily, she isn't afraid of scary movies. Niall is a bit though. I enjoyed being able to watch Emily 'protect' Niall, avoiding to look at the screen.

"Dude, you have to actually watch the movie." Louis whispered in my ear causing me to jump slightly. I gave Louis a glare as I could hear Harry chuckle.

I looked up at the screen and saw that nothing bad was happening. Yet at least. It seemed they were having fun. Didn't last to long though. I should've guessed at their scared faces. I sighed and decided that it would be better if I just closed my eyes trying to sleep.

"No." Louis said shaking me awake.

"It's just a movie." He tried comforting me, only to fool me. It didn't work though, I know better than that.

"It could happen." Just as I said that I screamed and jumped out of the sofa. A door creaked open, only the door to the common room didn't creak. I tried running out of the room, but the door was closed and I was too panicked to open it. I ran around the room finally managing to slide under the couch. It wasn't much space, but it was better than being out there.

I was lying under the couch crying, and scared senseless. Even though I could hear the others chuckle, I couldn't stop crying. I was sure that I would die this night. Soon I started hyperventilating because I felt trapped under the couch, but I can't move. If I go out there something bad might happen. I start sobbing real hard breathing so fast it felt as if I'm not breathing at all. I feel the couch being removed. I scream and cover my head ready for my fate.

"Em, it's okay. Emma. Everything will be fine." I hear Harry say, but I just keep screaming thinking that it wasn't true. I turn around to face them. I scream again. They all look like the man who was thrown in the water. I back myself away from them until I hit the wall behind me. I curl up in a ball rocking myself back and forth crying, telling myself that this is it.

"Emma!" Harry yell. And one of the fishermen in front of me suddenly changes to reveal Harry's face instead. My eyes widen at the sight until I hide my face in my hands again.

"This is it Emma. This is it." I whisper rocking myself until I feel a hand on my knee.

"Bye bye world."

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