Tour BFF's

Emma Louise Stevens is 19 turning 20 and happens to be the female best friend of the famous boy band artist Harry Styles. They've been friends since before the X-Factor and now he invited her to come on tour with himself and his band mates. There are many complications due to the fact that Emma's a girl and Harry's a boy. Whilst on tour one of the two starts to get feelings for the other, but is to scared for the friendship, the fans, the media and the other lads. What would they think? How will it go?


19. 18

Emma's P.O.V

"Hey Robert!" I said walking into his 'room'. The twins and I had just visited Mr. and Mrs. Katsopolis so I thought we could stop by Rob to deliver his clothes.

"Hey Emma!" He smiled widely as I entered with Nicky in my hands and Alex by my side.

"I brought your clothes that you forgot at my place the other day." I smiled handing him the plastic bag containing his clothes.

"Thanks, I don't have the clothes I borrowed with me though. They are at my apartment for now." He said putting the bag on a nearby chair.

"If you want we can go back to my place when my shift is over and you'll get them."

"That'd be great. I-I have to talk to you about something. And I'm sorry to say that if the pap see me with you they might follow us to your place and you'll have them there for a couple of days.."

"That's fine, I really don't mind. I've actually gotten quite some attention from patients and my coworkers. That pap-attack has actually given me more patients." He laughed and I did too.

"That's great, but I'll come back when your shift is over okay?"

"Sounds great! See you then Emma" he smiled at me as I exited the room. I walked out of the hospital with the twins and was yet again met by paparazzies as I exited. This time though I am just smiling at them and walking past with a smile. Well that was my plan until they attacked me with insulting comments calling me a "slut for fame" and "gold digger" all because I said I was pregnant, which I am not. I didn't even say who the supposed father to be is. They also asked hella lot of questions about the 'baby' and if 'it' was the reason why I was in the hospital. I stopped dead in my tracks, this time I was going to chose my words wisely, no swearing, no revealing that I'm not pregnant. I faced the paps, took a deep breath and spoke up.

"I don't know on what ground or for what reason you would call me a slut, because that is something I'm not. Also I'm highly disappointed in you, to say that in front of two sweet, innocent kids, yeah I know I mentioned it too, but at least I didn't shout it in their ears. I'd appreciate it if in future meetings with me and the twins you will know not to use those words. Thank you very much." I said proud of my answer, and for acting so grown up about it when they didn't.

"I'll remember that if you can answer a question for me." One of them said fairly loud after me as I had started to walk away.

"I'd love to answer a question, but I can't promise you an answer you will be happy about." I smiled sweetly at the pap.

"That's fair. Well can you tell us who the father of your unborn child is?" I sighed.

"As of for now that's not a question I'm aloud to answer, so I'm sorry I can't give you a proper answer on that... Maybe next time we meet." He smiled, that's rare. A nice paparazzi.

"Well that's too bad innit? Well how about this; how is your relationship with Mr. Styles as of now?" I smiled at the mentioning of Harry.

"Now that I can answer. Actually me and Harry has fixed the misunderstanding that occurred a couple of days ago, and we're on a good way to being back to best friends. So that makes me very happy."

"That's nice to hear dear, and how about the tour, when are you thinking about joining them?"

"Probably a week or two before they start the European leg of the tour, so in April I guess. It is a long time, but I'll try my best not to miss them too much, and just live my life as quietly as possible before it all takes off for real."

"Sounds like a plan, thanks for the answers miss. It's been a pleasure. I'm certainly looking forward to be seeing more of you in the future." He smiled widely at me as he started packing up and having the other follow his actions.

"Thanks, see ya." I waved and walked back home to my flat.

• • •

"Hey." I said as Robert opened the door to his flat. He had texted me his address earlier on.

"Hey." He smiled as he gestured for me to go in.

"Where are the twins?" He asked.

"I left Emily to watch them while I fetch Harry's clothes."

"So it's gonna be a short visit then?"

"Well it's not like I don't trust Emily with the twins, but I was hoping to make it quick, yea."

"I see, well step in while I get his clothes for ya." He winked at me and yesterday I would melt at that gesture, but today it just makes me uncomfortable knowing this'll be the last time we 'hang out'.

"Sure thing." I smile awkwardly back at him. He runs off somewhere and returns five minutes later with a plastic bag.

"Here ya go." He smiled as he handed me the bag.

"Thanks." Just as I was about to run out I got a flash hitting me and I soon closed the door.

"I guess this visit will be longer than expected." I sighed.

"I guess.. I'm really sorry for the inconvenience, I'll call Harry and have him fix it."

"You don't have to, I really don't mind having you here."

"That's sweet, but I promised Emily I wouldn't be long so I should get going asap." He sighed at his failed attempt to make me stay.

"Well I'll be in the kitchen making some tea while you make your call." I simply gave him a short glancing nod as he went off to the kitchen.

• • •

"I'm telling you they're still out there! Can't you just call someone or something?!" I'd been on and off the phone for the past half hour and nothing's changed except I think more papz got around. I'd called Harry first and he tried, but didn't go through, then I called Emily about the delay and currently I'm on the phone with Miss Marino, the boys' manager. God she's obnoxious.

"I could, but with that attitude you've got I'd rather not." She snapped at me.

"Is Mr. Cowell present in the building?"

"Yes, why?"

"Hand him the phone."

"I'm not gonna hand you over to Simon!" She seemed shocked.

"I'll have you know you are, right this instance!"

"It's not gonna help yo-"

"Just hand him the phone for crying out loud!!" She got quiet for a second.

"Geez, don't have a cow!" After she spoke I could hear her walking and some muffled talking on the other line before a person returned to the phone.

"Mr. Cowell, what can I help you with?" Still as intimidating.

"Hey Mr. Cowell, this is Emma Stevens, Harry's best friend. I was hoping you would look into, and preferably remove the papz that have gathered outside the apartment I'm in at the moment blocking the exit. You see I need to get back to my own place as soon as possible, and I can't even get out the door here." I complained into the phone.

"Very well, I'll see what I can do. Good day." He simply stated and then hung up.

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