Tour BFF's

Emma Louise Stevens is 19 turning 20 and happens to be the female best friend of the famous boy band artist Harry Styles. They've been friends since before the X-Factor and now he invited her to come on tour with himself and his band mates. There are many complications due to the fact that Emma's a girl and Harry's a boy. Whilst on tour one of the two starts to get feelings for the other, but is to scared for the friendship, the fans, the media and the other lads. What would they think? How will it go?


17. 16

The little hour I had to calm down and figure out how I was going to tell them went by way to fast. Luckily the twins wanted to nap on the couch for a bit so I could think in quietness, but then Emily came over and I had to tell her to wait until we got a hold of the boys on Skype.

We finally did and the time for explanation was upon us. I took a deep breath before I started.

"Okay, so basically Mr. Cowell said that I had to get out the news of me being pregnant in this interview, I really don't know why he wanted me to say it. Though I guess it was to test my ability to lie, so if the time comes, I'm prepared to lie for y'all." They were all quite shocked I must say.

"But you were so convincing, I hardly noticed your other lies, but this one I couldn't figure 'cause you were so nervous. How did you do it?" Harry asked.

"I did it for you.. I don't know, I mean I managed to lie fine at the hospital too except for that one time when I said I was fine.."

"What happened." Emily and Harry said at the same time.

"Nothing big, but I guess it's easier for me to lie whenever Harry's not around." I said looking down at my hands for a second.

"Awwe." Emily and the boys chimed in, making me blush.

"Oh, before I forget about it, I'm coming on tour with you guys! And apparently Mr. Cowell is looking forward to it, probably because I could lie for him." I sighed at the thought of me being pregnant. It's only a matter of time before my boss calls me to ask about it too.

"You are? That's great!" Niall shouted loudly and the rest of the boys agreed.

"I have a question though." Louis exclaimed and we all looked at him.

"Shoot." I said.

"Who is supposed to be the father of your kid?"

"I don't know, Simon hasn't decided upon it yet. For all I know he'll make me confess the lie before everything else blows up. I kinda hope for the last one seeing I don't like this sudden 'fame' and I'd like to go back to being unknown."

"You know very well that that's not possible." Liam said as the mature person he can be.

"I know, I'd just like to not have paparazzies waiting for me when I exit a store or whatever, I want to be left alone in public."

"I know, that's why I've kept you from all of this for so long, I know how you feel about it."

"You do don't you." I smiled goofily remembering the time we went to school together.

"I feel a little left out here." Emily chirped from beside me.

"We do to." Zayn confessed for himself and the boys.

"I've explained enough today, so you'll have to take this one Haz."

"Sure will Em." He smiled cheekily at me before continuing.

"When we were in school we were kind of popular, but Emma couldn't stand the fact that everyone talked about her everyday, so she did what she could to be forgotten. It didn't help much, and when I became famous with One Direction she moved here to London to finish up high school and such here because the pressure became to much back home."

"You really don't like the attention do you?" Liam said understandingly.

"I really don't."

"I'm sorry to be the one to tell you this love, but coming on this tour with us won't help you stay in the shadows." Louis chuckled nervously knowing what he said could've made me change my mind and stay home. Only I knew that that was never an opportunity.

"I know, but staying in the shadows are no longer an option, and I promised Mr. Cowell to give away an interview when the time for America comes upon us. So I have no choice but to come along." I saw how much Emily wanted to come along too, and I saw that as my cue to tell them about it.

"Oh and one more thing!" They all looked curiously at me once again.

"I had a chat with Mr. Cowell about bringing Emily, since she would make it easier for me to deal with this sudden popularity."

"What are you saying?" Emily practically squealed in my ear.

"I'm saying he said yes, and that you're going to come with too." I said and Emily tackled me to the ground hugging me so hard I nearly lost my breath.

"I LOVE YOU SO SOO SOOO MUCH!!!" She screamed and I could hear chuckles from the other side of the screen.


We talked for quite a while before Emily had to go to dinner with her pops. She had to tell him the news anyways. Right after Emily left I was just about to hang up on the guys, but they stopped me telling me that now was a good time for the talk between Harry and I.

"I really wanted to have that talk face to face, and not face to screen, but I guess it's fine." I sighed a bit thinking about how I imagined the talk. We fixed it all and hugged. Oh how I missed Harry's hugs.

"We'll just leave you two to it." Liam said standing up to walk away as Niall and Zayn did the same. Liam then came back and practically dragged Louis to his feet and out of the room. I smiled at them, I was really looking forward to see them all again.

When they were out of the room and the doors were closed we sat in silence for a bit. It was a bit awkward.

"Soo, what is it you wanted to talk about?" I asked looking curiously at him. He looked down for a bit.

"I, I just wanted to apologise for how I made you feel the other day." He said looking down again.

"Oh Harry that wasn't your fault, you don't have to apologise for what some stupid girl did!"

"But you thought I was saying that to you." He looked so sad and upset, I haven't seen him like this in forever.

"But it wasn't you and that's what really matters!" I tried to comfort him, though it was hard not sitting next to him.

"I guess." He said fidgeting with the end of his t-shirt.

"Was that all you wanted to talk about?" I smiled at him.

"Not really, no."

"What else did you want to talk about then?"

"About that guy at the hospital.." He hesitated, this wasn't a proud moment for him, I could tell.

"About Robert?" He nodded.

"What about him?" I smiled.

"I don't like him."

"But you don't know him." I would've never seen this coming.

"I know, I just have a bad feeling about him." I sighed.

"What do you want me to do about it then?" I asked, knowing that if it meant getting Harry back I'd do anything.

"I want you to stop seeing him."

"Then I will, but I have to give him back his clothes first, and get back yours." I hesitated as I knew he wouldn't be to happy about this.

"Why do you have his clothes and why do he have mine?" He hid it well, but I could both see and hear that he was upset about it.

"He stayed here last night and had to borrow clothes for work, and he forgot his own. And don't worry he slept on the couch and nothing happened." I reassured him.

I took a while for Harry to understand and calm down enough to move on with the conversation letting me know he missed me, but as soon as the twins woke up we had to say our goodbyes.

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