Tour BFF's

Emma Louise Stevens is 19 turning 20 and happens to be the female best friend of the famous boy band artist Harry Styles. They've been friends since before the X-Factor and now he invited her to come on tour with himself and his band mates. There are many complications due to the fact that Emma's a girl and Harry's a boy. Whilst on tour one of the two starts to get feelings for the other, but is to scared for the friendship, the fans, the media and the other lads. What would they think? How will it go?


14. 13

Harry's POV

Niall and I have been having a wee tweetcam for the past 40 minutes and now we are getting bombarded with tweets about Emma. I don't know how they got links to a story about my Emma, but they did and we are about to check it out.

"Click that one before it disappears." I said to Niall as I pointed to the tweet. He clicked it and I could see a picture of Emma holding one of the twins' hand and the other twin in some man's hand. Who is he?

It was a whole story featuring a video at the end of it.

"Click the video Niall!" I really needed to see the video.

Emma, the twins and that man walked out of the hospital, and looked quite confused by all the flashlights directed towards them. It seem like Emma said something to the man, and he shook his head. And seconds after, the questions came. They were quite stupid most, but when they asked if he was the father, followed by a question asking if she already dumped Niall I started to get real mad, and then I heard a: "How's Harry in all this?". I'm speechless.

Emma and the others pushed through the paparazzi only to be followed by them with more flash and questions. It seemed as if Emma got mad and she shouted at the papz, she even swore to them. As soon as the words escaped her mouth I could see she regretted it deeply. Anyhow she just turned around and walked away.

"Shit! This is not good!" Niall said frustrated from beside me. I looked at him, and went back to the tweetcam.

"I'm really sorry guys, but that's a wrap for this time. Maybe we'll see each other soon, who knows?" I said winking at the fans before ending it.

"You have to call her Niall."

"Why can't you do it?" I sighed at his question.

"She won't pick up, I already told you." I sighed once more, feeling a hand on my shoulder while doing so.

"S'alright, I'll call her." Niall smiled and dialled Emma's number.

"Hey, it's me Niall ... No, I just wanted to ask if you and the twins were alright ... That's good to hear, and I guess you'll find it eventually, but there is a story on you and that bloke by your side online ... Yeah I'll talk to him for ya ... Yeah Simon too ... Any time ... Bye." He ended the call.

"What'd she say?" I asked anxiously.

"She said that they all were alright, but she was a little nervous about the story." I sighed somewhat relieved that at least she was alright.

"And then she wanted me to talk to Simon about it and sort things out."

"Didn't you say 'Simon too'?" I looked questioning at him. He breathed out seeming a little nervous.

"Ya., I did..."

"Well who is the other person?" He hesitated a little.

"It's you.." He said it as if I would be mad at him.

"What'd she want you to tell me?" I asked excitedly.

"Well that she were alright, and that when she felt the time was right she would discuss this whole thing with you. And lastly that she would do everything in her power to make it right with the media." I smiled, she wanted to talk to me.


Both me and Niall met up with Simon to discuss the video and midway through our meeting he called the rest of the band and now it's all five of us, Simon and our management having a rather heated discussion on wether Emma should come on tour or not. Of course the band is all for her tagging along, though both Simon and our managers are sure it won't be an good idea.

After a lot of arguments being thrown across the room Simon had enough and smashed a book on his desk making us all jump.

"That's enough already!" You could clearly see how angry and upset he was.

"But you don't understand Simon, it might be my only chance!" I cried out before falling to a chair, hiding my face in my hands.

"Your only chance to what, exactly?" The grumpy manager woman asked me. I felt a hand on my shoulder signalling that whoever it was would tell them.

"A fan stole his phone and said some horrible things to Emma, and on top of that said that it was Harry who wanted her to say it." Louis' voice spoke up. I looked up at him giving him a sad, but thankful smile before he continued.

"Now Emma won't talk to him, which we promised we would fix, but for that we need her to come on tour with us. And also she is great at a lot of stuff so she could help backstage if needed." Louis didn't even know what he was talking about, Emma sucks at everything she could've possibly helped with. Though I guess she can braid her hair, which means she can help Lou braiding my hair every now and then.

"Well, we don't usually care about your personal problems.." Yeah, that's our manager, it seems as if she don't care about us at all. Although I don't think that's to far from the truth either. Anyway it seemed as if she might let Emma tag along after all.

"and we won't this time either. I'm sorry Harry, but you'll have to fix your problems otherwise." That bitch. I thought it as I could hear Louis mumble it under his breath. I looked at Simon for help, he has the final word after all.

"Estelle, don't you think that was a little harsh?" Estelle? After four years this is the first time I've heard her first name, it's always Miss Marino. I can see why she isn't married. I looked up at Louis and the others and I saw that they were as shocked as I am to actually hear her name.

"She's bad publicity, and the news story on her is ruining their reputation." She said waving her hand in our direction.

"Emma's not bad anything." I said getting defensive. They all looked at me a little taken aback.

"Excuse me?" Estelle said clearly offended, no one spoke against her, ever.

"I said: Emma's. Not. Bad. Anything." I pressed out through gritted teeth as I stood up towering over her.

"Your opinion on this is not relevant." I can not say that I liked what she said and that's probably why I felt the need to do something to her, like strangle her or something. I guess the boys noticed cause they held me back, leaving only my mouth to move.

"You know actually your opinion is less relevant than mine, because without me, no money for you. And you don't decide, Simon does. So to be honest you can go back to your little hellhole that you call an office and stay away from this case, and Emma!" I spat at her before breaking free to leave the room. Not caring what else would happen after I left.

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