Ring & Fight

"I give up!" The voice echoed inside my mind.

I opened my eyes and realize, "it's just a dream."
I saw him sleeping peacefully beside me. My dream, my dream is telling me something.
Something about me,
about us, about my past.


2. again? part 1


Something's ringing. And it's ruining my beauty sleep.

I opened my eyes, and the first thing I saw.

Is the ceiling. I know what is ringing, my phone.

I sit up rubbing my eyes and stretch. I look to my left and grab my phone.

It's Max. I slide to answer.

"You're ruining my sleep." I said in my morning voice. Husky and kinda deep.

"Oh. Wow Hi to you too. What a great greet to start a conversation." He said sarcastically "and it's already 3 pm M'Dear." Said Max "Hey!" I said louder than my usual voice volume.

"Hello!" He respond. "Philosopher. Well yesterday mate. We celebrated and we all like 'aye let's go at your hotel at 6 am Im gonna live my life here." I respond and he laughed . "It's not funny. But really it is. " I said and laugh.


Hey lovelies! This is just the part one sorry that I didn't updated for soo long. My laptop kinda broke it keeps restarting and I can't write properly so I just this chapter on my Ipad. See ya later :) byee i'll update don't worry.

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